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Author: Eddie Holt

Jimmy Fallon Does It Again

Late night comedy shows, is nothing sacred?Preservers and Encouragers of Barbershop all across the land watched in mixed horror and glee as Jimmy Fallon and his merry men in the (appropriately?) named Rag Time Gals took the stage with a rousing rendition of the 90s R&B group Color Me Badd’s I Wanna Sex You Up. (Yes, you’ve read that right.) This was just their latest performance in a recent strin...
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All Harmonizers Now Online

Hooray! We’ve spent the past several months scanning and digitally archiving every edition of The Harmonizer dating back to the very first issue of the November 1941 publication (then-named Re-Chordings). We felt it was important not only to digitally preserve this incredibly valuable body of recorded history of our Society, but offer it up as an accessible resource to any and all who could potent...
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The Price of Failing Chapters

Excerpt from The Harmonizer, March 1950, page 6: by Society President, O.H. King Cole "This year a very heavy toll is being exacted from the Society in the way of suspended charters. The mortality rate in Chapters is practically four times as high as it has ever been in the past, and we can charge a great deal of this to the fact that we have been unwilling to lend assistance necessary to keep th...
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Barbershop contests are a “lead contest”, aren’t they?

Lead legends Joe Connelly, Chuck Sisson, Rick Knight, Mike Slamka, & David Harrington While it truly takes 'four to tango', the quartet's failures and successes overall hinge primarily on the lead's ability to take command of the ensemble during a performance. This isn't to take anything away from all the legendary basses, baritones, and tenors throughout the history of our Society, but when...
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Les Weiser – The Master of Harmony – oomphTV.com

Les Weiser - The Master of Harmony-oomphTV.com from oomphTV on Vimeo. This is a well-produced piece about Les Weiser, a barbershopper out of California who sings with 7-time International Gold Medalist Chorus The Masters of Harmony. It shows the joy and satisfaction of performing in a top barbershop ensemble through the eyes of a man who has dedicated much of his life to the artform, and perhap...
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Barbershop Featured on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Conan O’brien

The Barbershop Harmony Society's 2009 International Convention in Anaheim was treated with a special surprise guest appearance by NBC's The Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien and a camera crew who spent an afternoon visiting the convention site and the contest venues. In classic Conan fare, his commentary on the entire experience ranged from the hilarious to the bizarre, and at times somewhat edgy an...
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