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12 Months of Barbershop

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Intro to Barbershop: Learning the language of Barbershop

Sort through the alphabet soup of barbershop acronyms and terms Heard in a chorus rehearsal: “Basses, we need a cleaner swipe going into the tag. Baritones, hold off on the tiddly until I bring you in.” What the heck? Every subculture, from sports to professions to hobbies, has its own dialect, the specialized lingo, terms, in-jokes and references that are unique to that world. Once you speak ...
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Intro to Barbershop: What is Barbershop?

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What is barbershop music, how is it arranged and sung? You’ve joined the Barbershop Harmony Society. You might have instead joined a church choir, a  symphonic chorus, or formed a small combo sing Central European  folk songs… but here you are in a barbershop group! What have you gotten yourself into? What kind of music will you be experiencing, how do you distinguish it from other vocal music, ...
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Intro to Barbershop: Stay connected!

Across your first year as a Barbershopper, you’ve absorbed knowledge, skills, traditions, and habits of the barbershop world. (We quizzed you on that all last month.)  Now, how much trivia -- fun, interesting tidbits of barbershop history and lore -- have you retained? Take our trivia quiz. In that same first year, you’ve launched friendships with the folks you see every week in your chapter m...
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