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Before it’s too late: who needs to have an official Society interview?

A sensitive topic here, because we don't need to eulogize people who are still with us! But I need to come out and ask this: Who are some of the barbershop icons that we need to talk to and interview now, just in case we never get the chance again? (more…)
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Bring Back the Good Old Songs … of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s?

I received this email from Bill Rohlin (a 40-year member of the Society) the other day which he's given me permission to share here on the blog: I'd like to see some songs in the BBS style from the top 100 hits from the years when our target demographic was in its teens.  We need simple arrangements.  If the tune could be contestable it needs to be clearly stated that the easy-to-learn version i...
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Voice Lessons for Your Singers?

I am writing an article (probably for the Harmonizer) about choruses that have some sort of private voice instruction (PVIs) included either in their weekly meeting or available for their members outside the meeting night.  I would appreciate any feedback you can offer about this topic.  Here are a few questions that may guide you: (more…)
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Building a Culture of Fraternity

Mike O'Neill, Society Music Specialist for Chorus Director Development, recently sent an email to the Director's Listserve asking the following: Does your chapter, or are you aware of a chapter, that is really great with the fraternal side of barbershop? (more…)
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Learning Tracks for Heritage of Harmony Songbook-To make or not to make

A request has been made that each of the 57 songs from the Heritage of Harmony Songbook should have learning tracks made for them. This project will likely cost any where from $6000-9000 of unbudgeted spending and take almost a year to complete. Before we react one way or another based on one member's request, here are several questions: (more…)
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American Harmony Coming to Theaters Across America this Spring

Many people got their first whiff of barbershop harmony watching the Buffalo Bills sing in Meredith Willson’s The Music Man.  Now, a new generation will have the opportunity to see barbershop on the solver screen once again, as the award-winning documentary“American Harmony” comes to theaters across North America this spring. (more…)
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Escape TO your chapter meeting.

 Real life in today’s world can be tough.  Wouldn’t you like a little escape from it even for just a few hours?  Maybe that escape is your chapter meeting. Many chapters are taking advantage of being a positive release from everyday life. If you are in a chapter like that, what are some activities that you have incorporated into your meetings to make it just that more inviting, fun, warm and frie...
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In which decade did most of your members join?

Here are some really interesting numbers developed by Kevin Keller (Society judge and actuarial guru) from the Society database (and briefly discussed on the Harmonet): Of our currrent Society membership, the following percent joined in the time frame listed: (more…)
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