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2014 Las Vegas

The Musical Island Boys on Radio New Zealand

Radio New Zealand coverage! Wellington based barbershop quartet The Musical Island Boys were named the International Quartet Champions at the 76th Annual Barbershop Harmony Society Convention in Las Vegas over the weekend. The group is only the second quartet from outside the United States to have won the title. The quartet have just arrived home in Wellington. via The Musical Island Boys | Aftern...
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Make your predictions at BSMDB.com

Do you think you know who's going to win this year? How about 2nd place? Maybe you know who's going to be in the top 5 and in what order. What about the top ten? Here's your chance to predict the top 10 at this year's international. Click on Predictions and make your predictions for both the Quartet and the Chorus contest. You'll also get to see what other people think about the top ten of each ...
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They’ve been around the track a few times — and want to keep racing!

Check out this list of AIC Competitors and family members who just can't get enough! It's pretty incredible to see how many keep coming back to the international stage for another round. Thanks to George Davidson for sharing this list with us. College Quartet Contest:  #11 - Flightline - Cody Littlefield (Brett's son) Quartet Contest:  #08 - Stockholm Syndrome - Rasmus Kristrom #11 - Main S...
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Society testing webcast special offer for music educators and outreach participants

You've said for years that we need to bring our music to wider audiences, and we are responding. This year, we will be reaching out to music educators and students who have participated in our camps, and other fellow travelers in an expanded effort to bring the incredible experience of our international contests to new, excited audiences. The Barbershop Harmony Society is offering a special, lower...
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Upgrade Contest Shows the Moving, Silly, and Excited Side of Vegas

When we had the idea for the Vegas Room Upgrade Video Contest, we had the hopes that we would get some great videos of some people excited about going to the 2014 International Convention in Las Vegas, and in return it would cause other people excited about the convention as well. All our dreams came true, and MORE! We could never have imagined the incredible responses we received. Videos of coup...
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What’s it like to have the Best Seat in the House? Ask Len.

You've read before about this great way to see all the action from in front of the front row.Now, find out what the experience was like from Best Seat winner Len Clements, Sr. Or, jump in to the auction yourself at www.bestseat.org.  A week or so before my 75th birthday and approaching my 56th year as a member of the Oshawa Chapter, I was made aware that my beautiful wife, Carol, had been biddi...
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