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Alexandria builds bridges by hosting a cappella competition

It’s easy to pay lip service to reaching out to the broader a cappella community, but the Alexandria Harmonizers are putting their money where their mouths are… with a prize competition! The Harmonizers have rented one of Washington DC’s most famous venues, the historic Lincoln Theater, to host a competition for modern a cappella groups.  Fifteen groups applied and six have been chosen as contest...
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The Vocal Majority knows how to sell a show

Those fellas in Dallas know how to sell show. They often sell out most of the four performances of their holiday concert, partly though innovative marketing efforts like this. Backstage stories like this help personalize the experience, while reminding audiences of the moving emotional journey a fine barbershop performance provides. Your chapter might be able to do something like this, too! 2...
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2014 International Chorus Contest Order of Appearance

Exact chorus schedule to be updated as soon as it's available Vocal Revolution Southern Gateway Chorus Masters of Harmony Upstate Harmonizers Central Standard Senate-Aires zero8 Harbourtown Sound Vocal Evolution Saltaires Sound of Illinois Voices in Harmony New Tradition THX Houston Tidelanders Entertainmen Voices of Gotham Voices of California Palmetto Vocal Project Men of ...
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Insider’s Travel Guide to Las Vegas – WSJ.com

We all know the 2014 Convention in Las Vegas will be a bangeroo of all things barbershop. We all know that Las Vegas is, well,  LAS GOSH-DARN VEGAS, with an infinite number of indulgences, shows, games, and so on. But while you're planning your trip, you might also consider a few not-so-evident activities, unearthed by The Wall Street Journal: Earth-Moving Experience // Dig This. I held the bes...
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SoJam A Cappella Festival features barbershop clinic

“Looking out the window” means bringing our music and resources to our fellow travellers in the vocal music community. This weekend, at the SoJam Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina, noted coach, Presentation judge and Society Board Member Gary Plaag will join Matt Woodward, Matt Gorman, and Dr. Bill Adams to present an hour-long session that includes vocal production, chord theory/structure, som...
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Aim higher: attend Chorus College in Nashville

Just finished with your district contest? Scored higher than you ever have? On the bubble of qualifying for International? Your chorus might be ready to take that big next step for next year... and attend the new Chorus College at Harmony University in Nashville, July 27-August 3, 2014. More than just an intensive coaching session, Chorus College will be an all-around immersion for your members,...
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Sing4 ! Men’s All-Northwest Acapella Tournament Set for Boise State University October 18-19

The Evergreen District is promoting its fall district convention as an "acapella tournament":  The two-day Sing4! event represents the convention of the Evergreen District of the Barbershop Harmony Society, one of seventeen Districts internationally dedicated to the preservation and encouragement of Barbershop quartet singing. It is co-branded as "Sing4!" to the surrounding community to invite i...
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See it all on the Society calendars

There's barbershop everywhere, folks, and if you're only seeing what's in front of you on a Tuesday nights, you're missing oodles of chances to have fun singing. Sure, you might know about your own District convention this fall -- but what about the next district over, a mere 150 miles? You could be singing and tagging through the night, with no rehearsals in the morning! Skedaddle! You may be wo...
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Place your bid for the Best Seat In The House

Most Barbershoppers think they can score contests as well as the judges. Now you can prove it -- from the vantage point of the judging area itself! This Fall, Harmony Foundation and the Contest & Judging program are teaming up to auction off a single seat at each & every contest session, including Division, District, Prelims and International. So if you’ve ever wanted to test out your ju...
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