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It’s easy to talk about what you love to do

In the last issue of The Harmonizer, my column discussed the coming Operation Harold Hill and that the only impediment for finding potential singers for your chapter among total strangers is ourselves.  As Poag says, “We have met the enemy and he is us."  (Here is a copy of the column in PDF form: Lamson column 10-2011) Many barbershoppers have told me how easy it is to simply ask someone wheth...
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Barbershop changed my life — on many levels

Dennis Gillis was inspired to write this after reading the article by Wil Snuffin that appeared in the March/April edition of The Harmonizer. Dennis sings with the Cape Breton (N.S.) Chordsmen. Thanks to the article, "Never forget what it was like to discover bbshop!", the urge to respond was overwhelming! I can relate to Wil Snuffin’s article about his love affair with barbershop on several lev...
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All Harmonizers Now Online

Hooray! We’ve spent the past several months scanning and digitally archiving every edition of The Harmonizer dating back to the very first issue of the November 1941 publication (then-named Re-Chordings). We felt it was important not only to digitally preserve this incredibly valuable body of recorded history of our Society, but offer it up as an accessible resource to any and all who could potent...
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The Price of Failing Chapters

Excerpt from The Harmonizer, March 1950, page 6: by Society President, O.H. King Cole "This year a very heavy toll is being exacted from the Society in the way of suspended charters. The mortality rate in Chapters is practically four times as high as it has ever been in the past, and we can charge a great deal of this to the fact that we have been unwilling to lend assistance necessary to keep th...
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Common attributes of successful chapters

Here's the chance to add/subtract or discuss the list on page 13 of the May/June 2010 issue of The Harmonizer. Apologies if you came to this site earlier and didn't find this post as mentioned in the magazine. I just came back from vacation to find that the printer had managed to mail the issue nearly a week earlier than scheduled -- I thought I was going to have a few more days to put this post...
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How can we feature the “common man” in The Harmonizer?

If you'd like some insight into how I select which stories go in The Harmonizer, here it is. Right or wrong, this is how I see my job as editor of the magazine, and this is how I filter through the many submissions and story pitches I receive. The following e-mail exchange shows a quandary that I face in knowing how to talk about ordinary barbershoppers among ordinary barbershoppers. It started w...
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What did we once do that we should have never stopped?

As opposed to "What did we start doing that we never should have started?" This one's for the old-timers, or at least the historically enlightened. It's the promised follow-up to my last post, "System reboot: If we'd started the Society today, what would be different?" (In retrospect, maybe today's post should have come first.) In either case, I'm hoping for some insightful answers and discussi...
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Before it’s too late: who needs to have an official Society interview?

A sensitive topic here, because we don't need to eulogize people who are still with us! But I need to come out and ask this: Who are some of the barbershop icons that we need to talk to and interview now, just in case we never get the chance again? (more…)
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Q&A on The Harmonizer magazine

Let's answer some frequently asked questions about The Harmonizer: When am I getting my next edition of The Harmonizer? It's in the mail. (I finished it earlier in the week while we were in Ahaheim, so unfortunately, the staff didn't have time to copy edit a couple of sections!) You'll probably have it sometime this week, unless you're in Canada, in which case you're getting it when Canada's p...
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