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Bill wills Falcons to victories

Barbershopper Bill Schreiner is the Atlanta Falcons' secret weapon: the team is 20-5 when he sings the national anthem before games. As the Atlanta Journal-Constituion reports: He recalls that he became a season-ticket holder in 1966 when “a group of four or five guys that worked at Lockheed said, ‘The NFL is coming to Atlanta. Let’s get tickets.’” He still has two mezzanine-level corner se...
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ATTENTION: High School a cappella groups!

Deke Sharon, leading force behind a little show called The Sing-Off and practically the inventor of modern a cappella, has a new Big Idea. He has teamed up with the Lifetime network to create a show about High School a cappella groups and is looking for 2 awesome ensembles to star. Says Deke: I'll be on the show working with the groups on camera (!). It's our chance to show the world how a cappell...
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Why You Should Care About Lady Gaga’s Performance at the Oscars

Love her or hate her, it's hard to disagree that Lady Gaga's performance at the 87th Academy Awards was a memorable one. Why? Because she wasn't in a meat dress or swinging from the ceiling.  No, her new act of rebellion was singing a classic musical medley of selections from The Sound of Music— shocking, but in an entirely new way! Now, how in the world does this apply to you as a barbershop s...
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5 Reasons Why You Need To Tune In To The Sing-Off Holiday Special

A cappella hits prime time once again! While we had hoped for another full season (and maybe a barbershop group in the lineup), the enthusiasm for The Sing-Off is strong within us. Fun charts, exciting staging and costuming, fierce competition... we know a thing or two about that! Don't miss what's sure to be an aca-awesome night of performances, including past winners Home Free and Pentatonix. ...
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Walt Disney World’s Barbershop Quartet The Dapper Dans Provide Some In-Flight Entertainment! | PerezHilton.com

The folks at Perez Hilton, breathless celebrity-spotters, know a great quartet when they see it. One Southwest Airlines flight got the most unexpected surprise ever! Nope, it wasn't a passenger with Ebola!Walt Disney World's resident barbershop quartet The Dapper Dans sang for some lucky passengers, making the rest of us who air travel with just in-flight trivia to keep us company extremely jealo...
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Chanticleer members sing barbershop off-stage

Seen on Facebook: They're one of the world's most elite and most famous professional vocal groups, and they appreciate the power of a barbershop tag as much as we do. Check out four members of Chanticleer saying farewell with a tag ... and a fifth voice at the end that, in this case, was no overtone. Someone get these guys into a district contest. They've obviously got the pipes, and they even al...
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Randy’s 2014 travels

Barbershopper Randy Freeman has been living a barbershop dream. With no particular destination in mind, he has spent most of this year wandereing the country, visiting barbershop chapters and making new friends. 99 days 8,248 miles 33 choruses 19 hosts 11 states The idea germinated in my head in December of 2013 as the snow started falling in Indiana but the seed had been planted years earlie...
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