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Going above and beyond at Harmony U

"I'll follow you anywhere you're going to take us" That's what Doug Robertson of Carstairs, Alberta, would like to tell Society CEO Marty Monson after he and other Society staff personally rolled out the red carpet way after bedtime at Harmony U. In Doug's own words: I just want to relate an experience to your readers that I had at the 2014 Harmony University in Nashville a few weeks ago. I am ...
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Tags: part of a complete choral education

Hook the kids on fun singing, and they stay hooked! Music educator Aaron Knodle shared this story recently: This last school year, I had my auditioned high school men’s group sing a tag every day at the beginning of rehearsal. I taught them a new tag each week, and the gentlemen knew that as soon as the bell rang, we stood up and sang the tag. They absolutely loved it! One day, it was very close t...
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I Hear America Singing – Walt Whitman

I Hear America Singing. I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear, Those of mechanics, each one singing his as it should be blithe and strong, The carpenter singing his as he measures his plank or beam, The mason singing his as he makes ready for work, or leaves off work, The boatman singing what belongs to him in his boat, the deck- hand singing on the steamboat deck, The shoemaker singin...
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V-Disc 710 Elastic Four Barber Shop Quartet – YouTube

Wikipedia describes a  V-Disc ("V" for Victory) as a morale-boosting initiative involving the production of several series of recordings during the World War II era by special arrangement between the United States government and various private U.S. record companies. The records were produced for the use of United States military personnel overseas. Many popular singers, big bands and orchestras...
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Make your predictions at BSMDB.com

Do you think you know who's going to win this year? How about 2nd place? Maybe you know who's going to be in the top 5 and in what order. What about the top ten? Here's your chance to predict the top 10 at this year's international. Click on Predictions and make your predictions for both the Quartet and the Chorus contest. You'll also get to see what other people think about the top ten of each ...
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Cutest (and highest) version of “The Auctioneer”

John Wernega started this barbershop ensemble (ranging from grades three to eight) at his school. It's the first time they performed a barbershop arrangement.   "The Quinton School barbershop ensemble (under the direction of John Wernega) performs "The Auctioneer." These students range from grades three to eight. Special thanks to Lori Ludlum for the coaching session on stage presence."
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Stubbs the Zombie gameplay featuring “The World’s Deadliest Barbershop Quartet”

Stubbs the Zombie was a 2005 videogame for PC and XBox that featured "The World's Deadliest Barbershop Quartet" as security guards. Here's a gruesome, blood-spattered clip of Stubbs engaging in a squishy battle with the quartet. Softer hearts might skip to the closing credits, where the quartet croomns a lovely sng abojut falling in love in Punchbowl, Pennsylvania, the game's fictional setting.
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