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Just for Fun

Doug Does the Worm for the #TonightShowDance contest – YouTube

Watch as Doug takes you on an interesting tour of BHS HQ with his "reverse worm" dance moves. Why you ask? Because The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon asked fans to share their best 70's dance moves for a chance to be on the show while filming in Orlando and Doug's super fly moves could not go unseen. His pants cannot be unseen either. #fairwarning #TonightShowDance via Doug Does the Worm for ...
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Share Your Barbershop Obsession

We're closing in on 7,000,000 total views on YouTube! 7,000,000! To celebrate and help us reach that milestone, let's have a pre-convention YouTube Channel sharing party! The rules are simple. 1. Pick a favorite video from our YouTube page. 2. Share it on facebook, twitter, etc with someone who has never quite understood your obsession. Here's a good place to start your research: Want something...
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Upgrade Contest Shows the Moving, Silly, and Excited Side of Vegas

When we had the idea for the Vegas Room Upgrade Video Contest, we had the hopes that we would get some great videos of some people excited about going to the 2014 International Convention in Las Vegas, and in return it would cause other people excited about the convention as well. All our dreams came true, and MORE! We could never have imagined the incredible responses we received. Videos of coup...
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Adam’s Ten Commandments of Tag Singing

With a busy summer ahead of of barbershop cookouts, barbershop camps, barbershop conventions, and barbershop hanging out in the backyard. it seemed timely to refresh ourselves on some rules of etiquette. Thou shalt not tag jack (also known as altering the words or notes of existing tags) Thou shalt not 5th wheel Thou shalt not encroach upon the space of others Thou shalt not obnoxiously add 9...
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Quadruplets sing “The Star-Spangled Banner”

Harmony bred right into them!   Their mother writes: One of my daughters heard the National Anthem being played as an instrumental piece at a prior track event and she was very unsatisfied with this.  She felt it should be sung so she reached out to her teacher and asked if she and her siblings could sing it together for the next track meet.  They agreed to it and it's been a whirlwind si...
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Ragtime Gals Serenade Billy Joel

Originally posted at http://brooklynbased.com/blog/2014/05/14/sing-us-a-song-youre-the-story-man/ Sing Us a Song, You’re the Story Man When you think about it, Jimmy Fallon is kind of old-fashioned. He writes thank you notes. He’s a gracious host. He sings in a barbershop quartet. In fact, he and his three other songsters recently serenaded Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden, singing Happy Bi...
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‘Diaper Dans’ Show Their ‘Disney Side’ On Main Street U.S.A. at Walt Disney World Resort « Disney Parks Blog

The good folks at the DisneyParks blog are nearly as fond as we are of barbershop's most famous ambassadors. They recently asked the critical origins question: No matter what age, everyone seems to have a “Disney Side.” That concept led us to a question: how early in their lives did the famed Dapper Dans begin honing their skills as a barbershop quartet? For years, The Dapper Dans have been favo...
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Set the DVR for this Fox News tribute to Tommy Spirito

Set the DVR on Fox News at 4 a.m. Eastern for a moving tribute to recently departed quartet icon Tommy Spirito of the Four Rascals, widely considered one of the greatest quartets never to win. In the closing moments of “THE FIVE," each of the members has the opportunity to talk about something, not in the headlines, that caught their attention. Tom Shillue, a professional comedian, Society quar...
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