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Together, Making The Music That’s Making A Difference

Top 10 stories from around the Society

Without getting into detail, Society and District communicators have been working with PROBE to be more proactive in uncovering and sharing what's going on in every corner of the Society. We're planning to release a Top 10 list every week, and PROBE has released the first Top 10 list is already up on their Website: probeweb.org/TopTen/ We're always looking for help in gathering the news and contin...
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Polecats cross generations

The last few weeks have seen terrific traffic for the interest poll regarding an expansion of the Barberpole Cat series. It occurs to us, though, that some folks haven't yet mastered the original twelve Polecats. Just because they're simple, just because they're time-worn, doesn't mean they're not GOOD. In fact, they might be just what's needed to remind ourselves that "It's the Music" that draws ...
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Rock and Roll, and Barbershop?

Bryce Quarve describes a recent Youth Harmony Festival held in Boise, a lovely illustration of the quality of our events, and the ongoing impacts they can make in local music programs. ...I have to say, these Barbershop guys have it figured out.  They’ve taken the highly exacting competitive experience of Barbershop ensemble competition if you haven’t actually attended a Harmony Society competitio...
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Paul Teska’s story

Why do we sing? Is it the joy derived from singing tags late into the night? Is it the satisfaction of delivering a well-executed competition set? Or is there something more? Is it actually about those who sit on the other side of the footlights? As you may recall from a previous story, for Paul Teska, this perspective became a dying man's passion, a mission to share the gift of singing with as m...
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Rogue Valley Harmonizers carry the music to the schools

You may have read in the Harmonizer about this chapter's great ongoing efforts to support local music education. Here's a very nice recent TV appearance. BOOSTING THE SCHOOL EXPERIENCE“Get America Singing Again,” Friends of Children and School on WheelsPeople who care deeply about kids are finding more and more creative ways to fill the gaps in today’s public school offerings, and the difference...
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“Carry the Tune” documentary project asks, “Is there musical life after high school?”

  Paul Trapkus is an orchestra teacher in Longmont, Colorado, who is a true believer in the value of lifelong musical learning. He contacted us recently regarding a documentary film he is attempting to fund on Kickstarter around this premise: An enormous amount of individual work goes into the study of music, and teachers work tirelessly to encourage a lifelong learning of music in their ...
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So here’s the thing…we all love barbershop

EPIC, Harmony Inc.'s 2012 champion, recently posted this lovely reflection on "ecumenical barebrshop," i.e. the idea that all fellow travellers in the barerbshop world are much alike than we are different. Particularly encouraging is their discussion of the many crossover events they have on their calendar. Why are a bunch of Harmony Queens (from Harmony, Inc.) feeling so warm and fuzzy about the...
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A cappella concert is dying man’s wish | Livingston Daily | livingstondaily.com

Doctors told Paul Teska he has one year to live. After a “couple of days feeling sorry” for himself, the Hamburg Township man said he turned to “faith and action” in planning a first-time a cappella benefit. Harmony for Life will take place from 4:30-6:30 p.m. March 16 at 2|42 Community Church, 7526 W. Grand River Ave. in Genoa Township. Proceeds will benefit Harmony Foundation International, wh...
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