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Membership growth

HU seeking Leadership Facilitators… maybe YOU

Your experience can make a difference The Barbershop Harmony Society is expanding its education offerings, and seeks dynamic, effective facilitators for its revitalized leadership education project. The initial group of certified facilitators will be part of a talent pool entrusted with new Harmony University branded leadership materials which will circulate in district leadership academies and o...
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Bolton choir Cottontown Chorus starts its own talent-finding competition (From The Bolton News)

Love this approach! The best way to get people singing is to have them sing what they love best: Bon Jovi. An award-winning barbershop singers ensemble has launched its own bid to find “the voice”. The 60-strong Cottontown Chorus, based in Bolton, is laying down the vocal challenge as part of a national Learn to Sing scheme. The group is inviting anyone interested to attend for two evenings to...
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So You Think You Can’t Sing

Deke Sharon, the All-Father of A Cappella, hits it square-on with his latest rant/sermon/moment of inspiration. His premise: many people would readily agree that they are fine shooting hoops casually in their driveway, without aspiring to be NBA players. Similarly, a little casual singing in the shower is different than practicing and honing one's skills to be an accomplished performer. Both are ...
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Time to give your dreams a voice

Invitations to guests are common, but don't you love that headline? "Give your dreams a voice" sure beats "Join a barbershop chapter." If you love a little sing-along in the shower, but the thought of singing on your own in public is mortifying, fear not, there is help at hand. Nelson Bays Harmony, are offering an immersive singing workshop for women at all levels of the singing spectrum, where t...
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Social Media and barbershop culture make relocation easy

Jude Thomas demonstrates an important appeal of the Barbershop Harmony Society: it's friendly, open culture that welcomes brothers from across the continent. Moving across the country with no job prospects, few contacts, and a modest savings is a difficult proposition. However, Voices of Gotham, and barbershop in general, made this transition not only easier, but also actually rewarding and enjoya...
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Retention starts the first year – HQ grabs the initiative

What’s the most frustrating part of membership management? Retention! It’s great to sign up new members, and heartbreaking to see them drop away after their first year. Seldom do new members drop out because barbershop stopped feeling great to sing. Sometimes it’s because a recruit bought a pig in a poke--the chapter life that seemed so bright on guest night turned out to be drudgery week in a...
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You’re only a few clicks away from a professional-quality promo video

Would you like a promotional video of this quality? It's easier than you think. If you provide us with your photos or videos and the text that you want, we will assemble a high quality promotional video using the template you see above. It will look and feel exactly like the video above, but will have your photos, videos, and text in its place! It's simple, really. Watch the video above, and see ...
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It’s easy to talk about what you love to do

In the last issue of The Harmonizer, my column discussed the coming Operation Harold Hill and that the only impediment for finding potential singers for your chapter among total strangers is ourselves.  As Poag says, “We have met the enemy and he is us."  (Here is a copy of the column in PDF form: Lamson column 10-2011) Many barbershoppers have told me how easy it is to simply ask someone wheth...
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Your Barbershop Elevator Speech

Click this link to read my column from the May/June issue of The Harmonizer. In it, I discuss the concept of an "elevator speech" or an "elevator pitch." It's a business term for having a quick and impactful way to explain who you are and what you do to a total stranger -- one that could take place in less than the length of a ride in an elevator. (Explanations and examples from the business world...
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The First Ethic — is it first priority?

1. We shall do everything in our power to perpetuate the Society. All of us have a copy of the Society Code of Ethics on the back of our membership cards. How often do you read them? Are you clear on what they mean? I bring this up after talking to someone about relatively recent activities in his corner of the Society. I won't go into any details, but basically, some members were dissatisfied ...
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