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Ragtime Gals Mix-A-Lot of genres with “Baby Got Back”

https://youtu.be/6O86IC6ddm8?list=PLcwXdNVvSNbhL_M7kDRqAAgHb-LRZjcH5 Late night TV loves two things: rap and barbershop. While the first probably gets more total airtime, the latter has a powerful advocate in Jimmy Fallon, whose Ragtime Gals quartet has made numerous appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The boys are at it one more time with a song that won Sir Mix-A-Lot th...
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In harmony: Barbershoppers still singing on the razor’s edge | pantagraph.com

Assistant Director Tim Beutel
Chapter milestone anniversaries are always occasion for press coverage, and this clip featuring the Sound of Illinois is a textbook case: history, forward vision, collaboration with a strong local musical partner (University of Illinois Varsity Men's Glee Club.) The legend goes that barbershopping came to the Twin Cities as a result of a 1941 visit to the Gipps Brewery in Peoria by Earl Bach,...
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From ‘Pitch Perfect’ to Broadway, He’s Vocal About A Cappella – The New York Times

From ‘Pitch Perfect’ to Broadway, He’s Vocal About A Cappella - The New York Times
Barber-buddy, aca-guru, Life Member Deke Sharon's latest triumph is In Transit: The A Cappella Musical on Broadway, and The New York Times thinks he's swell. With each new step on his journey to bring "harmony through harmony," Deke has been expanding broad public interest in music without instruments, and more importantly, "harmony through harmony." As collaborator Kristin Anderson-Lopez said:...
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Music Therapy for Dementia, Alzheimer’s Patients – AARP

  Any Barbershoppper who's ever sung at a nursing home or senior center can attest to this truth, as reported by AARP: Music therapists who work with Alzheimer's patients describe seeing people "wake up" when the sounds of loved and familiar music fills their heads. Often, after months or even years of not speaking at all, they begin to talk again, become more social and seem more engaged by t...
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Director Todd Krier brings energy to Lincoln Continentals chorus | Profiles | journalstar.com

We love feature stories that catch the essence of barbershop, like this one from The Lincoln, Nebraska Journal Star: Energy is consuming when it comes to human interaction. One can feed off of it and pass it on to another and another and another. (You might recognize director Todd Krier from the cover story of the January 2016 Harmonizer.)
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Rock Bottom Brewery’s Barbers Hop: Beer Infused With Harmony – Food Republic

FOOD REPUBLIC, a leading food and beer blog, has featured Rock Bottom Brewery's 2016 barbershop convention brew in a story by Barbershopper Chris Buirley (lead, The Regulars; president, The Alliance.) "Ah, the dulcet tones of a barbershop quartet. Think about it: When was the last time you lost yourself in a good old-fashioned rendition of “Good-bye, My Coney Island Baby?” And come to think of ...
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What Killed the Jingle? – The Atlantic

An interesting reference to barbershop appears this week in The Atlantic:  "Though there is some debate, credit for the first commercial jingle usually goes to a Wheaties spot in 1926. The company that made Wheaties, the Minnesota-based Washburn Crosby (the predecessor of General Mills), tried to resurrect the flagging cereal on the radio with a song from a local barbershop quartet. It went like ...
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