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The Barbershop Harmony Society Promotes Harmony x 2 |Thread M.B.

A Better World Singing Day is picking up coverage in interesting places. Thread MB, a blog of social media moms and celebrities devoted making the world a better place, certainly seems to have understood our aim! Never has there been a time when actively engaging in activities that promote peace have been more needed. “Music” has always been a language that everyone understands. It’s an all-pur...
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130 Local Singers Heading to Nashville for Contest

Man, do we LOVE this lead paragraph from a St. Louis Post-Dispatch preview story on the convention: Chiropractors. Cooks. Teachers. Students. One-hundred and thirty men from all walks of life have been brought together by their love of singing. They sing together as The Ambassadors of Harmony every Thursday night at the Memorial Hall at Blanchette Park in St. Charles, and have one goal in min...
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Vocal Revolution wins “Sing That Thing”

 Emerging from a field of 24 choruses from across New England, the Concord, Mass. Vocal Revolution Chorus was crowned champion of Season 2 of  WGBH-TV's Sing That Thing competition. David Patterson reports:   This whole process was so exciting... it was a true bonding experience for us. There were some spectacular performances by the other ensembles, especially the other two finalists. Goodn...
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Barbershop takes over Nashville this summer | The Tennessean

Nashville's main news source is getting ready for us to arrive!  A Better World Singing Day invites the entire Nashville community to the reclaim the right to SING FOR FUN.  Considering how much incredible, high-quality professional music Nashville has to offer, we're especially glad to have the press supporting the importance of making music as a community.  The Tennessean: Barbershop music tak...
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Singing could help stop snoring | FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Steve Matheson of the Tampa Bay Heralds of Harmony reports: "Everyone knows that singing has certain benefits; having a positive outlook on life; being a happier person, living longer.  But none of those match the greatest benefit of all;  having peace at home and a good night’s sleep."   Dr. Joette Giovinco, medical reporter at Fox 13 in Tampa, filed this great story featuring the Heralds.s   ...
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Crossroads Quartet appears on Daystar’s Gospel Music Showcase

 Most of us think of Crossroads first and foremost as a barbershop champion, equally at home with powerful ballads, jazz & scat, showmen with a comic flair and a historical bent. As men of faith, they also see their quartet life as an opportunity for sharing praise in song. This side of their personality comes through loud and clear in their recent appearance on Daystar Television's "Gospel M...
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Alexandria Harmonizers to present selections from I Am Harvey Milk at Convention

After a successful and highly rewarding performance of this powerful piece, Musical Director Joe Cerutti shared some closing thoughts about the experience.  "I will never forget this week as long as I live. Rubbing elbows with artistic celebrities is probably what attracted us to accept this performance in the beginning, but the powerful message delivered through equally powerful music quickly ...
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Valentine’s Day is barbershop quartets’ time to shine – CNN.com

Great, wide-ranging report about  Singing Valentines on CNN.com.  It's always gratifying when the reporting extends through the activity into the depth of the Barbershop Harmony Society  Story highlights: Valentine's Day is barbershop quartets' busiest day of the year The sharply dressed groups travel around spreading love and harmony Barbershop has roots in the African American community an...
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