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They’ve been around the track a few times — and want to keep racing!

Check out this list of AIC Competitors and family members who just can't get enough! It's pretty incredible to see how many keep coming back to the international stage for another round. Thanks to George Davidson for sharing this list with us. College Quartet Contest:  #11 - Flightline - Cody Littlefield (Brett's son) Quartet Contest:  #08 - Stockholm Syndrome - Rasmus Kristrom #11 - Main S...
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Making a Difference with Music Medics!

Making a Difference with Music Medics! A small number of gentlemen are making their way through the halls of a childrens hospital on a Thursday morning in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The bright and colorful artwork adorning the walls and windows of the Chris Evert Childrens Hospital reflect the lives of the precious young children that fill the rooms. But this morning, something just as colorful wi...
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Contest Entry — Time to get your act together

As fall contest season approaches, it's good to start taking care of a few administrative  tasks now, to avoid any last-minute surprises. Remember these important details: Your quartet must be an officially registered Society quartet.  If you haven't yet paid for the registration or renewal of your quartet, you'll need to do this before beginning the contest entry process.  Call 800-876-7464 if...
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Selecting Music For Your Quartet

Duane Henry published this nice piece on the Cardinal District website. So, you have finally found four guys who sound pretty good together, you seem socially compatible and you have matching socks.  Looks like the making of a new quartet!  The next step … what are we going to sing? via Selecting Music For Your Quartet - The Cardinal District | Barbershop Harmony Society.
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Indulge in tag therapy tonight

With many summer gatherings already past, some of us are experiencing tag withdrawal.  Symptoms include: phantom humming of baritone parts involuntary pitchpipe checking on the belt loop tendency of  pointing the "good ear" toward any music source, as if it to discern a possible tenor line. You can fix this with a little tag therapy. Gather up 8 or 9 friends, throw some burgers and corn on th...
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Learning tracks: Too much of a good thing?

There can be too much of a good thing, and learning tracks are one of those things. Look, we sell learning tracks here at the Society, and some awesome musicians among us are creating masterpieces. They can be really helpful for learning. But has the pendulum swung too far? I’ve seen chapters scrap songs that were perfect for them, and only because there wasn’t a learning track available! I f...
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How can we feature the “common man” in The Harmonizer?

If you'd like some insight into how I select which stories go in The Harmonizer, here it is. Right or wrong, this is how I see my job as editor of the magazine, and this is how I filter through the many submissions and story pitches I receive. The following e-mail exchange shows a quandary that I face in knowing how to talk about ordinary barbershoppers among ordinary barbershoppers. It started w...
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Barbershop contests are a “lead contest”, aren’t they?

Lead legends Joe Connelly, Chuck Sisson, Rick Knight, Mike Slamka, & David Harrington While it truly takes 'four to tango', the quartet's failures and successes overall hinge primarily on the lead's ability to take command of the ensemble during a performance. This isn't to take anything away from all the legendary basses, baritones, and tenors throughout the history of our Society, but when...
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Audience Behavior at Contest: Cheer and Holler or Simply Applaud?

Yea, I know, who cares?  Right? BUT...As a competitor, judge, and staff guy, I get around to many contests each year in several different districts and I always find it interesting how varying barbershop audiences can be with the way they welcome the competitors to the stage.  (more…)
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