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Can singing save your brain?

Singers widely recognize the immediate benefits of making music together: improved mood, physical energy,  social bonding. Science backs this anecdotal experience in myriad ways... including some potential long-term protective benefits, according to researcher Aniruddh D. Patelvia. The research about the effects of song on people with brain conditions raises hope for more far-reaching impact. “...
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The Americana Music Triangle frames the regional history of roots music | Features | Nashville Scene

There's a reason Nashville has become Music City USA, and a reason why the Barbershop Harmony Society's HQ belongs there. A growing body of research has identified the Americana musical triangle of Nashville-Memphis New Orleans as the cradle of  the blues, jazz, and barbershop harmony.  The groundbreaking work Tulane University researcher Lynn Abbott to quantify these early barbershop singers, an...
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Stop “Defending” Music Education | Peter Greene

In Stop "Defending" Music Education, Peter Greene argues that "Music does not need to make excuses for itself, as if it had no intrinsic worth. It does not have to dress itself up in test-taking robes or mathematical masks. It has deep, powerful human value, and all of us who love it should be saying so, over and over and over again. Do not defend a music program because it's good for other th...
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“We still watch the barbershop quartet finals…”

"We still watch the barbershop quartet finals..." Pentatonix to Everyone: "Sing." We couldn't agree more, PTX As Grammy Award-winning juggernaut Pentatonix continues blazing new trails in the contemporary a cappella scene, they stop for a moment to admit what may surprise many. Even while PTX has redefined 'cool' for a cappella enthusiasts, these confessed choir nerds continue embracing their ...
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Gifford producing hymn book to help preserve culture

Matt Gifford is a busy and broad fellow. The bass of Musical Island Boys has undertaken an inspiring musical heritage preservation project: After a month on Rarotonga researching for a project to publish a book of Penrhyn island hymns and folk songs – talented musician Matthew Gifford believes he can, with financial support, bring his project to life.Matt is of Penrhyn descent on his father Mehau...
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A Musical Fix for American Schools – The Wall Street Journal

When the influential Wall Street Journal says that music training boosts IQ, focus and persistence, people have to take notice. That's the prescription of  "A Musical Fix for American Schools": Many solutions have been tried, but few have succeeded. So I propose a different approach: music training. A growing body of evidence suggests that music could trump many of the much more expensive “fix...
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“Something Special,” the barbershopera, honored in international competition

Combining two forms of music under-appreciated in North American culture, we present: Barbershopera! Wallace dePue, a former Barbershopper and former Professor of Music at Bowling Green State University, was the recipient of awards from the Boston Metro Opera  for "Something Special," a barbershop opera that he wrote in 1976 for the Maumee Valley, Ohio, Chapter show, directed by R. D. Mathey. ...
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The State of Bluegrass Music | Rolling Stone

Another traditional American musical art form contends with the tension between preservation and evolution. Substitute the word "barbershop" for "bluegrass" in this Rolling Stone story , and you'll hear a familiar debate. But as with any family, there's often disagreement. Purists decry the use of drums while progressive musicians continue to push the boundaries. "There are hardcore people that [t...
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Who owns barbershop?

Stripes, barbershop and the Big World Out There As the largest body of practitioners of the barbershop musical art form, the folks most immersed and versed in its culture and mechanics, we assume that when barbershop happens anywhere, we must have had a hand in it. As Barbershoppers, we tend to believe that the ways we look and sound are best suited to advancing the craft. Musically, we probably...
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