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Polecats cross generations

The last few weeks have seen terrific traffic for the interest poll regarding an expansion of the Barberpole Cat series. It occurs to us, though, that some folks haven't yet mastered the original twelve Polecats. Just because they're simple, just because they're time-worn, doesn't mean they're not GOOD. In fact, they might be just what's needed to remind ourselves that "It's the Music" that draws ...
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What does it take to be great? Ask the Capital City Chorus

Many things, done well, in a row Take a look at this chapter that many of us have never met, doing so many things right: Sending the whole chorus to Harmony University for a week of intensive coaching, growth, and FUN Putting on terrific shows with great performers-- Quantum, Instant Classic, and Sweet Ads sensation GQ Active in community through benefits for Heart Assn Putting manpower to ...
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Social Media and barbershop culture make relocation easy

Jude Thomas demonstrates an important appeal of the Barbershop Harmony Society: it's friendly, open culture that welcomes brothers from across the continent. Moving across the country with no job prospects, few contacts, and a modest savings is a difficult proposition. However, Voices of Gotham, and barbershop in general, made this transition not only easier, but also actually rewarding and enjoya...
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Why some names crop up more often than others

From time to time, your communications team at Harmony Hall is asked, "Why do you always write about (choose any or all) the Vocal Majority, the Alexandria Harmonizers, the Voices of Gotham? There are many other chapters doing good work, too!" -or the same, ending in) "... Most of us don't have the resources, contacts, to do these things, and it makes us look bad." Fair points both. The shortest a...
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Poetic theme earns nice coverage

The Northland Barbershop Chorus of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, earned some nice pre-show press coverage because of the unique material which serves as the connecting theme of the show: Bob Shami started to warm up to a story about the Klondike Gold Rush long before Old Man Winter settled in for the season. Northland Barbershop Chorus liked a pitch from Vernon Bailey to feature works by The Bard ...
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Alexandria releases promo for its upcoming a cappella contest

We previously told you about this event, which brings together six  top a cappella groups competing for a $1,000 grand prize, and the chapter has now just released this promo video. It’s great in its own right, but also instructive behind the scenes. Harmonizers Marketing Director Noah Van Gilder explains: Rather than spend a lot of time and money to hire a professional to compose this video, t...
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7 Tips for Online Fundraising — Voices of Gotham

Those guys in the Hell's Kitchen, New York, Chapter have done it again. Not only are they raising funds effectively, but they're also teaching other chapters how to do the same. "A few months ago, the chorus decided to put together an online fundraising campaign. It has been an incredible learning experience, and we were pleased to find that it was not only effective - but much easier to set up t...
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Alexandria builds bridges by hosting a cappella competition

It’s easy to pay lip service to reaching out to the broader a cappella community, but the Alexandria Harmonizers are putting their money where their mouths are… with a prize competition! The Harmonizers have rented one of Washington DC’s most famous venues, the historic Lincoln Theater, to host a competition for modern a cappella groups.  Fifteen groups applied and six have been chosen as contest...
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The Vocal Majority knows how to sell a show

Those fellas in Dallas know how to sell show. They often sell out most of the four performances of their holiday concert, partly though innovative marketing efforts like this. Backstage stories like this help personalize the experience, while reminding audiences of the moving emotional journey a fine barbershop performance provides. Your chapter might be able to do something like this, too! 2...
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