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Barbershop featured in International Choral Bulletin

The history and artistry of the barbershop choral form are featured in the latest issue of International Choral Bulletin, published by the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM.) The story lends additional credibility to the widespread interest and acceptance of our music and culture among high-level vocal musicians throughout the world.  READ ONLINE NOW.    
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“We still watch the barbershop quartet finals…”

"We still watch the barbershop quartet finals..." Pentatonix to Everyone: "Sing." We couldn't agree more, PTX As Grammy Award-winning juggernaut Pentatonix continues blazing new trails in the contemporary a cappella scene, they stop for a moment to admit what may surprise many. Even while PTX has redefined 'cool' for a cappella enthusiasts, these confessed choir nerds continue embracing their ...
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Jimmy Fallon & The Ragtime Gals strike again with Joseph Gordon-Leavitt

The Ragtime Gals never shy away from... interesting musical choices. As the title suggests, Rihanna's revenge hit "B*tch Better Have My Money" doesn't appear on any "family friendly" lists, but then again, that's why The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs well after the kids have gone to bed. Consider yourself warned! (And let's put this in context, too.)
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The tug of war between fame and infamy

Teenagers hands playing tug-of-war with used rope
It's a constant tug of war for barbershop in the media. On the one side, we have great singing appearances such as Musical Island Boys on NBC's Today show (July 2015), Crossroads on Fox & Friends (April 2015) , Ringmasters on Today (April 2013) , and many other appearances blogged at http://www.barbershop.org/category/press-clippings/   On the other side are the times when barbershop is pla...
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BHS quartets help Alaska Airlines celebrate SEA > BNA connection

Alaska group
Alaska Airlines is the newest kid on the block at Nashville International Airport and a barbershop connection brought two quartets to the official party at Gate B-8. The inaugural flight was piloted by Captain Mike Rinehart, veteran pilot and bass singer in Northwest Sound Chorus, who brought along a quartet of chorus members just for the occasion. Nashville quartet High Gravity entertained the ...
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2015 Fall convention season is underway!

'Tis the season...   Quartets and choruses all over the Society have been busy preparing for the fall conventions. Qualifying contests for Seniors quartets and YBQC competitors, District title winners and swan songs, gathering the entire District for shows and 'glows ... there are all sorts of reasons to attend. Heck, why limit yourself to one!?! Plan a road trip to take in a nearby convention......
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Fall 2015 House of Delegates bulletin (HoD)

2015IYBCF_The Voice
Why a House of Delegates bulletin? In an always connected mobile world, the notion of a “letter” to the House of Delegates (HoD) might seem rather quaint. Every topic discussed here is hashed out daily in Basecamp discussions, Facebook -- you know the drill. So, rather than comprehensively cataloging every activity, this edition aims at highlighting recent and future activities of the Society tha...
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Harmony Hall staff says goodbye… and hello!

Duane's headshots 003
A fond farewell to Patty Patty Leveille retires in October after nearly a decade of faithful service as executive assistant to the CEO. Patty is one of the few remaining Harmony Hall staff to have worked in both Kenosha and Nashville, having come to the job at the invitation of then-CEO Ed Watson. Patty has brought strength and continuity to the Society through many changes in leadership, personn...
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Society mourns passing of Gene Cokeroft

The Barbershop Harmony Society celebrates the life and legacy of Gene Cokeroft, a genial giant of our musical art form and culture. His towering achievements in any of a number of areas would qualify him as "unforgettable" -- but to have mastered so much, and given so much to the development and growth of barbershop harmony, makes him a true legend. Most Barbershoppers would recognize Gene pri...
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Swedish quartet captures college barbershop championship

Swedish quartet captures college barbershop championship That good old-fashioned American tradition, the barbershop quartet, has left the continent. Trocadero, a quartet from Sweden, beat out 23 other young quartets from around the world to capture the college championship Tuesday evening in Pittsburgh, leading a foreign takeover of the collegiate division. Four of  the top five quartets haile...
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