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Tag singing

CALLING ALL TAG TEACHERS: Teach the world to sing… tags!

GET IN THE ZONE We need your help! If you are attending our international convention this July in Nashville and love to teach tags,  sign up to teach group tags in our new TAG ZONES. We guess about 50% of our members do not sing tags, or have had a bad experience so they believe it’s not for them! It may be difficult for you to remember, but it’s wildly intimidating for new tag singers to start ...
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Harmony University announces returning faculty members

Join us in welcoming back our returning faculty members! We are thrilled to share our roster of returning faculty and staff who taught with us last year... or perhaps for the last 25! These 38 rock stars are being joined by our first year class of 12 and our 8 returning faculty that have been away for a time.    Please welcome back.... Coaching TrackGary Plaag, DEANSteven ArmstrongAntho...
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Taipei to New Orleans: A new barbershopper is born!

This is Alex. From L to R: Steve Zorn, Eric Dove, Alex Li, and Marty Monson He saw a YouTube video of Storm Front singing "Lida Rose" and began searching for more barbershop... a common beginning for young barbershoppers that usually ends in finding a local chapter and starting on a fairly small scale. But in this case, the search began in Taipei, Taiwan. Alex had been planning a visit to the ...
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Chanticleer members sing barbershop off-stage

Seen on Facebook: They're one of the world's most elite and most famous professional vocal groups, and they appreciate the power of a barbershop tag as much as we do. Check out four members of Chanticleer saying farewell with a tag ... and a fifth voice at the end that, in this case, was no overtone. Someone get these guys into a district contest. They've obviously got the pipes, and they even al...
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Tags: part of a complete choral education

Hook the kids on fun singing, and they stay hooked! Music educator Aaron Knodle shared this story recently: This last school year, I had my auditioned high school men’s group sing a tag every day at the beginning of rehearsal. I taught them a new tag each week, and the gentlemen knew that as soon as the bell rang, we stood up and sang the tag. They absolutely loved it! One day, it was very close t...
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Adam’s Ten Commandments of Tag Singing

With a busy summer ahead of of barbershop cookouts, barbershop camps, barbershop conventions, and barbershop hanging out in the backyard. it seemed timely to refresh ourselves on some rules of etiquette. Thou shalt not tag jack (also known as altering the words or notes of existing tags) Thou shalt not 5th wheel Thou shalt not encroach upon the space of others Thou shalt not obnoxiously add 9...
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