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Chorus Voice Matching (not blend!)

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This is the third article in a series for chorus directors and music teams. It is a companion to a video that HU produced in 2016 and a previous article on riser spacing. Avoid the fight A natural tendency in choral singing is to compete with the surrounding voices, a tendency called the Lombard Effect. This can be problematic if someone with a “smaller” singing voice stands next to someone wit...
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Building Musicians: Resources for Learning Musicianship

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This regular series will examine different facets of building musicians in which we hope to dispel myths and inaccuracies. Most importantly, our goal is to provide support for music teams and provide constructive solutions for singers. Personal Musicianship  Singers join our chapters for many reasons, but all share the love of singing barbershop chords. Some singers come to us with years of sing...
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An explanation of potentially confusing music theory terms

A correction on the letters page of the Sept/Oct issue of The Harmonizer contained the following note: In a paragraph that explained why the term “Chinese 7th” is problematic, the following was added to Joe Liles’ tag intro: It’s clear why Barbershoppers gave this chord a nickname, because the real name is a mouthful. (“7th chord in 1st inversion, drop 3”; we also use drop 2 and drop 2/4 variatio...
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Vocal Care for Senior Singers

Keep your voice in top shape by NOT treating it like you used to - By Jim DeBusman, retired BHS music staff - jdebusman@att.net Keeping yourself active through singing has the power to heal and stimulate your mind and body. There are so many of us out there today who have been helped with our bronchitis, asthma and other forms of breathing issues because we sing. Follow the below steps to mainta...
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2017 Youth Chorus Festival and Senior Chorus Festival order of appearance announced!

The Youth Chorus Festival will look a little different this year! In addition to adding Women's and Mixed choruses to the lineup, the 2017 Midwinter Convention will also include the five District choruses participating in our Senior Chorus Festival pilot program. The draw for order of appearance was made with all choruses mixed together, resulting in an exciting mix of singers in each session.  &...
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An old (Yuletide) Favorite!

Like most choruses, you're probably booking a multitude of holiday performances, including some good old fashioned caroling. But... and we hate to mention it... those songbooks may be looking a little worse for wear. Or maybe your membership drive was so successful that you need a few more! Whether you're adding to your music library or replacing worn copies, our refreshed Yuletide Favorites, Vol...
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Barbershop Harmony Society offers FREE webcast of world championships to students and educators 

See the greatest spectacle in close-harmony singing -- on your phone! FREE! http://bhswebcast.com/edu/ You may have heard barbershop harmony before, but you've never experienced anything like the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT coming July 5-9. More than 2000 men in quartets and choruses ranging from four to more than 150 men will compete for the gold medals. Broadway, show tunes, old chestnuts and ...
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Barbershop is at ACDA 2015…

  ... and we're here to help! We're ready to be a partner in attracting singers to choral programs, offering unique ensemble experiences and literature, and life-changing destination events. Discover the many ways barbershop builds strong programs and singers. Staff will be available all week to connect with Music Educators. Come find us! INTEREST SESSION WEDNESDAY,9:45 am Salt Palace roo...
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VIDEO: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

Is our response to music hard-wired or culturally determined? Is the reaction to rhythm and melody universal or influenced by environment?   A 2009 World Science Festival session titled "Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus" explores these topics with the help of some experts: This Is Your Brain On Music author and McGill scientist Daniel Levitin, legendary musician Bobby McF...
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2014 contest tracks released on iTunes and Amazon Digital Music

Shopping for barbershop music is quick and easy on two of the world's largest distributors: Apple's iTunes and Amazon's Digital Music store. You are just a few clicks away from our most recent championship performances: 2014 Top 20 Quartets CD tracks on iTunes 2014 Top Twenty Choruses CD tracks on iTunes 2014 Top Twenty Quartets CD tracks on Amazon Digital Music 2014 Top Twenty Choruses C...
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