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Why I Barbershop

Taipei to New Orleans: A new barbershopper is born!

This is Alex. From L to R: Steve Zorn, Eric Dove, Alex Li, and Marty Monson He saw a YouTube video of Storm Front singing "Lida Rose" and began searching for more barbershop... a common beginning for young barbershoppers that usually ends in finding a local chapter and starting on a fairly small scale. But in this case, the search began in Taipei, Taiwan. Alex had been planning a visit to the ...
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We Sing, We Serve: The Vocal Majority

Another example of living the message of We Sing, We Serve. Thanks to the VM for sharing this and to all of you who are reaching out to others with music. You ARE making the music that's making a difference. Several of our guys sang last evening for teenage boys at Phoenix House, a residential and outpatient drug and alcohol abuse treatment to help teens rebuild self-esteem and chart a path toward...
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Chanticleer members sing barbershop off-stage

Seen on Facebook: They're one of the world's most elite and most famous professional vocal groups, and they appreciate the power of a barbershop tag as much as we do. Check out four members of Chanticleer saying farewell with a tag ... and a fifth voice at the end that, in this case, was no overtone. Someone get these guys into a district contest. They've obviously got the pipes, and they even al...
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So You Think You Can’t Sing

Deke Sharon, the All-Father of A Cappella, hits it square-on with his latest rant/sermon/moment of inspiration. His premise: many people would readily agree that they are fine shooting hoops casually in their driveway, without aspiring to be NBA players. Similarly, a little casual singing in the shower is different than practicing and honing one's skills to be an accomplished performer. Both are ...
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An “everyday” Gold Medal Moment | Pathfinder Chorus

Mark Erikson of the Pathfinder Chorus from Fremont, Nebraska, shared this great reminder of the way we touch lives every day. Ringing like never before, the final chord of Auld Lang Syne soared to the rehearsal hall’s rafters. Then silence. No one moved except the frail old gentleman in a folding chair with his walker close beside him. He lowered his head into his cupped hands. As one of the few s...
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What makes people happy about conventions?

Conventions cover a lot of territory: contests, late night parties, Harmony U classes,  chorditoriums, and tourism. The convention team works hard to create a great experiences. Some are hard to manage logistically; some are simple, yet move us deeply. Here's a note recently received at HQ by a satisfied guest: Marty, I wanted to let you (and others, if you forward this to them) that I enjoyed the...
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Share Your Barbershop Obsession

We're closing in on 7,000,000 total views on YouTube! 7,000,000! To celebrate and help us reach that milestone, let's have a pre-convention YouTube Channel sharing party! The rules are simple. 1. Pick a favorite video from our YouTube page. 2. Share it on facebook, twitter, etc with someone who has never quite understood your obsession. Here's a good place to start your research: Want something...
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How To Socialize: Member Spotlight

Most of us have seen reality shows. They're hard to miss in today's world. What these shows do best is highlight the background stories of the characters so, we as viewers, have an emotional connection. We feel like we know these people. We root for them to win! This idea is similar to what I'm seeing a few of our chapters doing in social media. A new trend for barbershop choruses on Facebook i...
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So here’s the thing…we all love barbershop

EPIC, Harmony Inc.'s 2012 champion, recently posted this lovely reflection on "ecumenical barebrshop," i.e. the idea that all fellow travellers in the barerbshop world are much alike than we are different. Particularly encouraging is their discussion of the many crossover events they have on their calendar. Why are a bunch of Harmony Queens (from Harmony, Inc.) feeling so warm and fuzzy about the...
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