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Hook the kids on fun singing, and they stay hooked! Music educator Aaron Knodle shared this story recently: This last school year, I had my auditioned high school men’s group sing a tag every day at the beginning of rehearsal. I taught them a new tag each week, and the gentlemen knew that as soon as the bell rang, we stood up and sang the tag. They absolutely loved it! One day, it was very close t...
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Polecats cross generations

The last few weeks have seen terrific traffic for the interest poll regarding an expansion of the Barberpole Cat series. It occurs to us, though, that some folks haven't yet mastered the original twelve Polecats. Just because they're simple, just because they're time-worn, doesn't mean they're not GOOD. In fact, they might be just what's needed to remind ourselves that "It's the Music" that draws ...
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Rock and Roll, and Barbershop?

Bryce Quarve describes a recent Youth Harmony Festival held in Boise, a lovely illustration of the quality of our events, and the ongoing impacts they can make in local music programs. ...I have to say, these Barbershop guys have it figured out.  They’ve taken the highly exacting competitive experience of Barbershop ensemble competition if you haven’t actually attended a Harmony Society competitio...
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What does it take to be great? Ask the Capital City Chorus

Many things, done well, in a row Take a look at this chapter that many of us have never met, doing so many things right: Sending the whole chorus to Harmony University for a week of intensive coaching, growth, and FUN Putting on terrific shows with great performers-- Quantum, Instant Classic, and Sweet Ads sensation GQ Active in community through benefits for Heart Assn Putting manpower to ...
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Social Media and barbershop culture make relocation easy

Jude Thomas demonstrates an important appeal of the Barbershop Harmony Society: it's friendly, open culture that welcomes brothers from across the continent. Moving across the country with no job prospects, few contacts, and a modest savings is a difficult proposition. However, Voices of Gotham, and barbershop in general, made this transition not only easier, but also actually rewarding and enjoya...
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Vocal Majority builds audiences with show previews

We just discussed that way that some chapters consistently demonstrate savvy that you can emulate. For example, the esteemed Vocal Majority builds audiEnce excitement for its spring showS by offering a preview video featuring Musical Director Greg Clancy and Show Producer Phil McShan as they discuss the show.     You can do this, too. Full post: Featured Video — The Vocal Majority...
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Why some names crop up more often than others

From time to time, your communications team at Harmony Hall is asked, "Why do you always write about (choose any or all) the Vocal Majority, the Alexandria Harmonizers, the Voices of Gotham? There are many other chapters doing good work, too!" -or the same, ending in) "... Most of us don't have the resources, contacts, to do these things, and it makes us look bad." Fair points both. The shortest a...
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How To Socialize: Member Spotlight

Most of us have seen reality shows. They're hard to miss in today's world. What these shows do best is highlight the background stories of the characters so, we as viewers, have an emotional connection. We feel like we know these people. We root for them to win! This idea is similar to what I'm seeing a few of our chapters doing in social media. A new trend for barbershop choruses on Facebook i...
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