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Youth in Harmony

High school quartet wins key audience

Sing for fame and fortune. Sing for virtue and philanthropy. But mostly... When they decided to audition for the high school talent show later that year, they practiced and earned a spot in the show. They were a popular act and one particular segment of the audience has proved enough motivation to keep practicing."What got us, was the screaming girls during the variety show," said Sisel. via L-C ...
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Tags: part of a complete choral education

Hook the kids on fun singing, and they stay hooked! Music educator Aaron Knodle shared this story recently: This last school year, I had my auditioned high school men’s group sing a tag every day at the beginning of rehearsal. I taught them a new tag each week, and the gentlemen knew that as soon as the bell rang, we stood up and sang the tag. They absolutely loved it! One day, it was very close t...
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A good face for barbershop

Among the many ways we're reaching out to educators and singers is a regular schedule of ads in Choral Journal, the offical publication of the American Choral Directors Association. Ongoing visibility makes us familiar; a range of programs promoted demonstrates the depth of our commitment and talent base.  
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Harmony Explosion Camps Igniting Across North America

Young men and women all over North America have been celebrating barbershop harmony and loving every minute of it! Harmony Explosion camps provide a great multi-day opportunity for the high-school singer to meet other students who share similar interests, learn more about singing and vocal technique, experience the thrill of barbershop harmony, ring 4-part chords 'til the wee hours of the morning...
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Cutest (and highest) version of “The Auctioneer”

John Wernega started this barbershop ensemble (ranging from grades three to eight) at his school. It's the first time they performed a barbershop arrangement.   "The Quinton School barbershop ensemble (under the direction of John Wernega) performs "The Auctioneer." These students range from grades three to eight. Special thanks to Lori Ludlum for the coaching session on stage presence."
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Society testing webcast special offer for music educators and outreach participants

You've said for years that we need to bring our music to wider audiences, and we are responding. This year, we will be reaching out to music educators and students who have participated in our camps, and other fellow travelers in an expanded effort to bring the incredible experience of our international contests to new, excited audiences. The Barbershop Harmony Society is offering a special, lower...
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Singing Buckeyes make Harmony Camp possible for kids | The Columbus Dispatch

Summer harmony camp season is well underway, and we're starting to see some nice press notices, lkike this advance piece for the twentieth-anniversary Harmony Cap sponsored by the Singing Buckeyes. With the help of Singing Buckeye scholarships, Akillah Clark has honed her singing at the past three Harmony Camps. “It allowed me to make new friends and opened me up to a different genre of music,” s...
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Rock and Roll, and Barbershop?

Bryce Quarve describes a recent Youth Harmony Festival held in Boise, a lovely illustration of the quality of our events, and the ongoing impacts they can make in local music programs. ...I have to say, these Barbershop guys have it figured out.  They’ve taken the highly exacting competitive experience of Barbershop ensemble competition if you haven’t actually attended a Harmony Society competitio...
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Quadruplets sing “The Star-Spangled Banner”

Harmony bred right into them!   Their mother writes: One of my daughters heard the National Anthem being played as an instrumental piece at a prior track event and she was very unsatisfied with this.  She felt it should be sung so she reached out to her teacher and asked if she and her siblings could sing it together for the next track meet.  They agreed to it and it's been a whirlwind si...
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