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Video Releases

Schedule for 2017

  • HU OnlineJanuary – History of Barbershop 
  • February – Directors… STOP TALKING!
  • March – The Science of Riser Placement 
  • April – Positive Coaching 
  • May – Director’s Roundtable 
  • September – Warm-Up’s
  • October – Spooky Tags
  • November – Thankful for the Comedy… It’s Serious Business
  • December – AIC War Stories


The Science of Riser Placement

Dr. Rob Mance & Steve Scott

Watch Dr. Rob Mance spend 90 minutes with a live chorus and talk about “stacking” the risers with several goals in mind. Learn how you can influence blend and pitch by where you put individuals and voice parts.

Directors… STOP Talking!

Dr. Don Campbell & Kirk Young

Watch Dr. Don Campbell direct a group with limited verbal cues, while Kirk Young breaks down what just happened.  Directors can communicate so much more by speaking less, and have wonderful, unintended results!

History of Barbershop

Dr. David Wright

Dr. David Wright takes an in-depth look at the barbershop art form, its history, how it formed, and how it continues to evolve even today. Wright has been a mainstay every year at our Harmony University with his class History of Barbershop. His class combines many years of extensive research with his own experience with singing barbershop to craft a presentation that’s both entertaining and enlightening.

Outstanding in Front: 16 Part Tutorials

Larry Dodge

Watch director Larry start at the most basic concepts in directing and advance to our most advanced. The best way to use these? Watch one, work with the concepts with your group, then watch the next one. Don’t watch all 16… you will explode!

Warm Up Series

Various Faculty

Watch one of these 15 minute videos and get some ideas! Better yet, set up a big screen or projector, and have your chorus try any of our HU warm ups!

HU Key Note Addresses

Various Faculty & Guests

Chapter Officer Training Videos

Below are basic training videos for the required officers of a chapter. As always, if you have further comments, questions or concerns or need further support, feel free to reach out to chapters@barbershop.org

Chapter President Training Module

(will be updated in 2017)

Chapter Secretary Training Modules

Module 0- General Welcome & Why being a Chapter Secretary is Important

Module 1- Incorporation as a Chapter

Module 2- Membership Background & Definitions

Module 3- Membership Processing & Recording

Module 4- Interacting with Members

Module 5- Business of the Chapter & Copyright

Module 6- District & Society Relationships and Reporting

Module 7- Resources Available

Chapter Treasurer Training Module

(will be updated in 2017)

District Training Videos

Basecamp 2 Tutorial Module

A basic tutorial on how to utilize Basecamp 2 for our districts. For further questions please contact Erin Harris, Director of Projects at eharris@barbershop.org

Basecamp 3 Tutorial Modules

A basic tutorial on how to utilize Basecamp 3 for our districts. For further questions please contact Erin Harris, Director of Projects at eharris@barbershop.org

Eventbrite Partnership: Training Videos

Eventbrite is a ticketing platform used to successfully host, promote and manage events. These tutorials will guide through the basics of setting up and promoting an event, running reports, and basic troubleshooting.