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Chapter Considerations Guide

Chapter Considerations Guide

With the announcement of the Strategic Vision, chapter members and leaders have the opportunity to explore what Everyone in Harmony means for your chapter.

The Chapter Considerations Guide will be a resource for chapter leaders who, working alongside Society staff and passionate volunteers, are ready to take the next step. Your chapter may decide to remain exactly as it has been: one all-male chorus. It may choose to host a number of different singing ensembles under one charter: an all-male chorus, an all-female chorus, a mixed-voice chorus, or some combination. The choice is yours exclusively.

The Chapter Considerations Guide is being developed by Society staff and will be implemented in partnership with the District Presidents’ Council, Leadership Operations Project Team (LOPT), and other passionate volunteer leaders.

We are working toward publishing a Chapter Considerations Guide to help chapter leaders on your journey of self-discovery of what Everyone In Harmony means to your chapter. Society staff and passionate volunteer leaders will be with you every step of the way. The guide is intended be used in partnership with volunteer leaders to provide chapter leadership with a foundation of knowledge to begin thinking about what you want your chapter to become. The discussion will include artistic, inclusion, governance and other considerations and is intended to promote conversation among your chapter about what your chapter wants for itself and what it is equipped to handle.

Neither the guide, nor the volunteer leaders trained to discuss the guide with you, will have a predetermined solution for you by the time you get to the last page. It will simply provide information and context on topics worth considering as you chart the course for the future of barbershopping in your chapter.

During the International Convention and beyond, your Society leaders, volunteer leaders, and Harmony Hall staff will be engaging members, chapter leaders, and district leaders in conversation to develop and prioritize further resources for chapters. The Leadership Operations Project Team (LOPT) already has many great programs in place for chapter support, and more resources and materials are on the way from both the LOPT and the Healthy Chapter Initiative.

Our goal is to engage with each and every chapter in conversation. If you have specific questions, please contact chapters@barbershop.org.


Chapter-specific Everyone In Harmony FAQs

As a preview of some topics from the Guide, please reference the Everyone in Harmony FAQs for Chapter Leaders.


Everyone In Harmony main FAQs

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