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It’s official: The Membership Growth Task Force, its members and its charge

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Society President Bill Biffle has announced the appointment of a task force to create an overall strategy to achieve sustained growth of the organization.  Chaired by Immediate Past President Noah Funderburg, the task force consists of eight committed barbershoppers of varying ages, length of Society membership, and personal background.

In fulfillment of its charge, the task force will:

  • Survey societal and cultural changes which affect BHS membership growth
  • Review barriers to membership growth and make recommend strategies for the elimination of these barriers
  • Study past Society efforts at affecting membership growth and determine what worked, what did not, and why
  • Survey the existing condition of BHS chapters, determining which are growing and which are not, and identify the reasons for both
  • Recommend new programs and policies that show a high likelihood of achieving sustained membership growth
  • Recommend changes to existing programs and policies necessary to achieve sustained membership growth
  • Recommend changes in current staff resources and alignments, if necessary to sustain membership growth
  • Suggest measurements, goals, and milestones for assessing progress and success in sustaining membership growth
  • Estimate budgetary requirements of proposed policies and programs and suggest possible revenue streams, if needed

The task force will report its activities and progress to the Society leadership and membership on a regular basis.

Members of the task force are:

  • Noah Funderburg, chairman
  • John Donehower
  • Drew Ellis
  • Roger Menard
  • Tom Metzger
  • Steve Morris
  • Brooks Harkey
  • Gary Parker

A more detailed list of their duties can be found here: mgtf-charge-05-18-091

Comments for the President Biffle may be sent to bbiffle@barbershop.org.