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Barbershop changed my life — on many levels

Dennis Gillis was inspired to write this after reading the article by Wil Snuffin that appeared in the March/April edition of The Harmonizer. Dennis sings with the Cape Breton (N.S.) Chordsmen. Thanks to the article, "Never forget what it was like to discover bbshop!", the urge to respond was overwhelming! I can relate to Wil Snuffin’s article about his love affair with barbershop on several lev...
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Pep talks? PSHAW! Better than 85% percent chance of sunnier days ahead

I’m about to launch into what amounts to a pep talk, and I hate pep talks. They don’t work for me. The emotions fade quickly, and then I’m left with the same circumstances and no more solutions than I had before. I’m left even more cynical. Don’t give me a pile of shiny, trite mantras that don’t point me where to go next. I’m not pretending to have all the answers here, so why am I even writing ...
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