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Everyone in Harmony Online Workshop

Everyone in Harmony: the Online Workshop

Welcome to the Everyone In Harmony Online Workshop! Wherever you are on your Everyone In Harmony journey, we hope you find this workshop to be informative, thought-provoking, and maybe even a little bit of fun!



Take a deep dive into the Chapter Considerations Guide and learn more about our Everyone in Harmony strategic vision, operational and administrative updates for chapters, and how we're offering more ways to barbershop.

High-level topics include the history of Everyone in Harmony, new options for your chapter, and how you can get started on your Everyone in Harmony journey, including assessing where you and your chapter currently stand and how to figure out what happens next.


As you work through the videos, here are some links you may find helpful:

  • The digital version of the workbook
  • The most up to date version of the Chapter Considerations Guide, including an index of the links included within the Guide (NOTE: updates to the bylaws coming soon!)
  • A compilation of all our FAQs surrounding Everyone in Harmony
  • A wealth of free educational videos from Harmony University Online, including: Successful Multi-Chorus Chapter Financial Models
  • For current chapter leaders: Document Center, which includes chapter business resources and tutorials, as well as information on the Healthy Chapter Initiative.
  • For future chapter leaders: Information on Starting a New Chapter
  • The revised bylaws are available in the Document Center here, and the Governance & Bylaws Committee has produced a series of videos that walk through the new bylaws and discuss the changes. All chapter and district leaders are encouraged to read the respective bylaws and watch the videos to aid in understanding of the changes. Any questions about the bylaws should be directed to

Reach out to us any time at with any questions you may have or to continue the conversation about how we can all work together to achieve Everyone In Harmony!

What are people saying about the workshop?

Spring 2019: A group attends the in-person Everyone in Harmony Roadshow in Elgin, IL
Spring 2019: A group attends the in-person Everyone in Harmony Roadshow in Elgin, IL

"Changed my perspective. Home run."

— Lance Lubin, Orlando, FL

"We feel much better about Everyone in Harmony and can see a bright future for Barbershopping worldwide."

— Midwest Harmony Alliance (MHA) Executive Team: Bill Miller, Carl Missele, and Syl Wetle, Elgin, IL

"To be honest, I came in thinking that the new changes were going to be detrimental, but now realized choruses can still find their own "sweet spot" and provide for greater growth and excitement for area singers."

— Mike Moncibaiz, San Antonio, TX

Very positive! I learned some things that will help me discuss this with the chapter and I am far more prepared.

— Mark Thompson, President, Winston-Salem, NC Chapter