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Everyone in Harmony Roadshow

Harmony Hall is Hitting the Road!

Learn how BHS is offering more ways to barbershop

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About the Roadshow

Harmony Hall is hitting the road in early 2019! This free, 3-hour interactive workshop mixes formal presentations with small group discussions and activities, reflection opportunities, and, yes, singing!

What does Everyone in Harmony mean for my chapter and barbershop experience?

Take a deep dive into the Chapter Considerations Guide and learn more about our Everyone in Harmony strategic vision, operational and administrative updates for chapters, and how we're offering more ways to barbershop, all delivered by a combination of trained presenters and BHS Headquarters staff. High-level topics will include the history of Everyone in Harmony, new options for your chapter, and how you can get started on your Everyone in Harmony journey, including assessing where you and your chapter currently stand and how to figure out what happens next.

Who can attend?

While the Roadshows are geared towards BHS Chapter leaders and members, everyone is welcome to attend. We'll be discussing all Everyone in Harmony options, so there is no pressure for you to have everything figured out in advance -- come as you are and learn how you can barbershop the way you want to barbershop!

What you'll gain

You'll walk away with a guided Workbook that includes everything you've learned during the Roadshow, plus additional resources to help you get started. You'll learn what Everyone in Harmony means, and what it can mean for your chapter and your barbershop experience.


Join us in one of 20+ cities across the United States and Canada

General Map United States

Locations and dates will be added frequently, so check back soon for more information or fill out the form below to stay up-to-date on the latest Roadshow news.

We are working to confirm additional Roadshow dates and locations. Below are the confirmed stops.



Cheyenne, WY (April)

Salt Lake City, UT (July)


Elgin, IL (February)

Rochester, MI (TBD)

Columbus, IN (March)

Iowa City, IA (April 26)


Nashville, TN (January)

Orlando, FL (March)

Huntsville, AL (March)


Plano, TX (February)

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