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Talk with an ambassador to guide the Society

Talk with an ambassador to guide the Society

The Barbershop Harmony Society has an ambitious plan to talk with the leaders of most of our chapters in a little less than three months. The goal: to be clear what chapters most need as they emerge from the pandemic, and to respond with programming to build chapter success.

As spring approaches, more and more chapters are beginning to emerge from the pandemic and share their music in person, both at chapter meetings and with audiences. And as part of this awakening, the Barbershop Harmony Society would also like to embrace the return with a different—and new—commitment to helping our chapters succeed.

BHS wants to alter the paradigm of the design and rollout of its chapter programs and initiatives. Our chapters are the lifeblood of our organization. Every opportunity must be provided to assist chapters in their growth and success. To that end, moving forward, BHS intends to build all of its programs with a keen ear bent toward listening to the chapters and learning of their needs.

Though a massive undertaking, BHS intends to speak in person with the leaders of the majority of our chapters in North America. Through Zoom conferences, it is hoped to create a breathing anthology of first, how our chapters are faring coming out of the pandemic, and second to learn where BHS can be most effective in its toolbox in the near future.

We are all in this together, and while some chapters hopefully have a strong relationship with their external community, it is important for our chapters to understand that internally they are part of a community as well, something larger than themselves….an entire network of support and fellowship that actually reaches out globally, that is the Barbershop Harmony Society.

All of these messages are planning to be delivered when chapters are contacted, hopefully within the next two months. BHS is using the Leadership Operations Team and its cadre of facilitators as the vehicle for this project. In addition, a new and growing group of ambassadors has been enlisted to ensure that BHS can meet its goals. Already there are 20 ambassadors in the field, making contact with their first group of chapters.

From the information that is collected and documented, both BHS staff and volunteer groups will design programs and initiatives based on the needs expressed. As trends emerge, the work will commence to construct and deliver these programs to the chapters. BHS is still accepting contact from individuals who are interested in becoming an ambassador. It is a good way to learn how other chapters are operating and share best practices. If interested in the ambassador program, contact