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LIfetime Achievement Award for Arrangers

LIfetime Achievement Award for Arrangers


Awarded to arrangers, living or in memorium, in recognition of the profound effect of their contributions on the musical culture of barbershop harmony. Recipients have done one or all of the following:

  • provided numerous quality arrangements that have been widely sung;
  • authored multiple quality arrangements for high-level, memorable performances;
  • showed innovation, or departure from the norm, in ways that influenced other arrangers and positively advanced the art of barbershop arranging.

The inaugural recipients of this prestigious award are:

  • Renee Craig
  • Aaron Dale
  • Tom Gentry
  • Jay Giallombardo
  • Don Gray
  • S.K. Grundy*
  • David Harrington
  • Val Hicks*
  • Clay Hine
  • Walter Latzko*
  • Joe Liles
  • Earl Moon*
  • Lou Perry*
  • Sigmund Spaeth*
  • Dave Stevens*
  • Burt Szabo
  • Greg Volk
  • Ed Waesche*
  • David Wright
  • Larry Wright

* = posthumous award