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Barbershop choruses forming in Argentina and Hong Kong

David Calland of Harmony Foundation is a friendly guy, and he gets friend requests from many fans of his quartet (The Allies) and chorus (The Alliance.) He recently shared this exchange from South America.

My name is Enrique Borlenghi. I live in Argentina, and I am the founder and director of the first barbershop chorus in Latin America, Capítuo 1 (our website  or Facebook page.) I´m trying to get in touch with barbershoppers all around the globe, for I feel rather lonely down here and I think barbershop music is all about the joy of sharing with others.


I have many projects, some of them include bringing a director to do some workshops, a quartet, to hear "the real thing", and a chorus, to show people what barbershop can be. Those are long term projects, I still have to work a lot here with my chorus.

I also have a couple of dreams, one of them is to be able to make it to HU some day, and the other is to take my chorus over there on a trip and sing our guts out! I am confident, I work every day in order to improve, and I believe that someday I´ll be able to do it. Spread the word: Argentine barbershop is here to stay!

Find him on Facebook and share some barbershop joy.

Meanwhile, two hemispheres away…
We’re pleased to report that Hong Kong has a new barbershop chorus a-borning. Vocal Stream is directed by past college champ Eric Monson (Water Street Junction, 1992.)  Visit their Facebook page to see videos of early days, and say “you knew them when.”