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If you can’t sing in front of them, sit alongside them: judge along in the Best Seats In The House


“That was an 86,” you whisper to your seatmate. “No way they don’t make the Ten.” The arena rustles with the sound of hundreds of similar whispered conversations. Everyone, it seems, is an expert. Yet the contest itself is decided by 15 pros sitting in the prime spot in front of the stage.

How would your scores stack up? And how would it sound sitting in the Judging Area?

Find out: Bid now for the Best Seats In The House, a fundraising activity for Harmony Foundation International.

What do I get for my bid?

  • A great seat in the judging area for your selected contest session.
  • A special guest judge name tag.
  • A complete set of judging and scoring forms for your selected judging category.
  • Following the convention, a chart showing your scores compared to the official panel members in your selected judging category.
  • An invitation to join the official panel at all meals and snacks at intermissions associated with your selected contest session.
  • The chance to sit in and observe the evaluations sessions after the contest.
  • A great opportunity to interface with the official panel members, which could possibly provide you with new references if you plan to apply for the judging program.