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BHS files motions in case regarding election of Harmony Foundation trustees

BHS files motions in case regarding election of Harmony Foundation trustees

The Barbershop Harmony Society has filed motions with the Wisconsin State Court requesting a ruling on the issue of the Society Board’s right to nominate and elect candidates to the Harmony Foundation International Board of Trustees. The motions seek resolution of the suit filed September 16, 2021.

In its motion for judgment on the pleadings or its alternative motion for summary judgment, BHS cites proof that language in the Foundation bylaws allows the Society Board of Directors to nominate candidates from the Society’s floor. Such candidates are up for consideration along with any submitted by the HFI Nominating Committee.

That proof includes Society Board action in 2008 and 2009 specifically rejecting a Foundation proposal to change its bylaws in a way that would have ended the Society Board’s right to make such nominations.

The filing includes supportive affidavits from Noah Funderburg and Randolph Loos, who were presidents of the Society and Foundation boards, respectively, when HFI’s amendments to the current bylaws were considered. Both confirm an intent to retain the Society’s right to nominate candidates from its floor.

The Society elects three Foundation trustees each year. Foundation leaders, however, have refused to acknowledge the new trustees elected this fall by the Society Board.

Last week’s motion could bring resolution to the case early in 2022, Society President John Donehower said.

The Society created Harmony Foundation International in 1958 to serve as its fundraising arm.

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