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Society Board issues letter to Foundation chair

Society Board issues letter to Foundation chair

Calls for HFI board nominations, cites concerns with HFI financials

The Barbershop Harmony Society Board has issued a letter to Harmony Foundation International Chair Kendall Williams with a proposal to amicably end the dispute between the organizations.

Under the proposal, the Foundation Board would nominate six highly-qualified candidates, known for their integrity and professionalism, who have been identified by the Society and will act in the best interests of both BHS and HFI. If HFI agrees to make the nominations, the dispute between the two organizations would end.

An Aug. 15 election of HFI trustees was postponed after the Foundation failed to submit nominations, some of which are more than a year overdue.

The letter also raises concerns about the Foundation’s latest audits, which show a large decline in fundraising and even larger increase in expenses. The Society has long been concerned about HFI’s minimal return of fundraising dollars — less than 40 cents of every dollar raised. In contrast, top fundraising organizations often return more than 90 cents on the dollar.

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