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Society Board of Directors elects Harmony Foundation Trustees for 2022

Society Board Elects Three HFI Trustees To Start In January 2022

The Barbershop Harmony Society Board of Directors has elected three trustees to the Harmony Foundation International Board, filling three-year appointments that begin January 1, 2022.

Society directors voted unanimously during the Fall quarterly meeting, November 14, 2021, to elect the following:

Jeremy Albright was a Society Board member from 2018 through 2020 and continues to serve on its Strategic Planning Committee. He has served as vice president of music and performance in the Central State District and was musical director of the Joplin Tristatesmen for 12 years. Jeremy also has experience in budget planning and marketing for membership and growth with the Crestwood Country Club in Pittsburg, Kansas. He is a pilot and captain with Dumont Jets in New Castle, DE, and previously served as chief of police in Jasper, MO.

David Haedtler served on the Society Board from 2017 through 2019. He has served as the BHS Nominating Committee Chair and as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee. He is a Far Western District Quartet Champion. David is president of Productive Teamwork International and a principal with CIO Professional Services. He is known for his ability to build high performance teams and workgroups and has extensive experience in change management, managing distributed teams, and coordinating complex programs and projects.

Sherry Knight is a member of both the Pioneer District and MountainTown Singers boards. She was one of the first BHS community-at-large chapter board members and the first in Michigan. In 2019, she co-founded Paladin Communications, a communications and marketing firm serving clients in the education, banking, automotive and nonprofit sectors. Previously, she was associate vice president of marketing and communications at Central Michigan University. A member of the president’s cabinet, she supported leaders across CMU, including in fundraising.

The new trustees were nominated during the meeting from the floor of the Society, as allowed by HFI bylaws and defined by Robert’s Rules of Order.

“Jeremy, David and Sherry are highly-qualified individuals who have diverse leadership experiences to share with the Foundation and barbershop world as a whole,” said John Donehower, president of the Society Board.

“These individuals are committed to reestablishing an aligned, strong relationship between the Foundation and Society,” he said. “They will uphold the fiduciary duties of the Foundation Board and think critically to balance the needs of HFI and BHS. They will help the Foundation, the Society and their donors move forward successfully.”

While technical difficulties prevented the meeting from being livestreamed on YouTube, the video of the meeting now is available for viewing.