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Donors Launch Largest Match in Foundation History!


The Legacy of Harmony Endowment Campaign to ensure the future of singing is underway.  So important is that future that 6 donors have thrown down the largest matching challenge in Foundation History!  John & Sharon Miller, Dick & Peggy Lidstad, and one more anonymous couple have pledged a 1:10 ‘Cash Gift-to-Planned Gift’ Match… of a half million dollars! 

For every $10 in pledged Planned Gifts (Wills, Bequests, Life Insurance Beneficiaries, etc), these donors will give Harmony Foundation $1 in Cash today.

 That means $5 Million in ‘Legacy of Harmony’ planned gift commitments raises $500,000 cash TODAY!

 Stop by the Harmony Foundation booth to learn more.

 Ensure the future, and make a difference today!