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Leadership Summit

Learn the art of empowerment

You CAN translate your vision into reality - be inspired and discover your leadership path!

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About the Leadership Summit

The Barbershop Harmony Society Leadership Summit is a multi-day intensive workshop that brings together past, present, and future leaders from singing communities across the Barbershop Harmony Society. Occurring each year on the Belmont University campus in Nashville, Tennessee, it's the perfect opportunity to hone your leadership skills and learn how to serve and give back to your local barbershop community.

We believe leaders have the power to translate a vision into reality. At the Leadership Summit, you'll gain an understanding not only of your own approach to leadership, but how to create and build teams based on trust and commitment. The Leadership Summit is open to everyone who wants to learn how to empower and motivate others.

Registration Information

Join us July 24 - 28 for the 2019 Leadership Summit, held at the beautiful Belmont University campus in Nashville, Tennessee, in conjunction with Harmony University.

EDU - Leadership Facilitators

2019 Course Descriptions

Learn from leaders in the field.

Principles of Leadership

Learn about the myths of leadership and the differences between a controlling leader and a leader who enables their team members. If managers simply direct, then leaders must develop and empower.

This course will help you understand how you lead and manage, and equip you with the tactics you need to identify the effects of your actions. Includes a discussion on the stated Leadership Principles behind the Leadership Summit.

Timeline Analysis: Building A Foundation for Change

Learn the socio-technical road map for change that can be applied to chapters, districts and the entire BHS Society. See the real-life example of a BHS Chapter and its transformation. Answer the question: Where have we been (as an organization)? Celebrate the history and the stories as a foundation for looking at “what has changed”, and “where do we want to go”?

Converting Strategy to Goals

There are many areas an organization could choose to use as a strategy for change. Using a Gap Analysis, identify which options and priorities have the most impact for short- and long-term goals. Then, use the goal process to create the details of implementation.

Why do goals fail? Learn the discipline of goal setting. Learn the SMART goal-setting process that supports your strategy and objectives. Understand the benefits, obstacles, and actions; measure your success using the right metric. This process works for individuals, quartets, teams, committees, chapters and districts. Write a goal for your chapter.

THINK for your Chapter

Learn about the facilitator-driven program that challenges your chapter to learn its true identity in the community. Embrace strategies to ensure that each member's experience is just as desired. Learn how to also match your chapter's operations to its identity so that a foundation for a healthy chapter is both laid and cemented for the future.

Moments of Truth: A Customer Service Approach

Each chapter interaction is a “moment of truth” — the point where an individual chooses to engage or disengage from what is offered. This applies to singers, potential members, guests, audience members, community partners, arts groups and music educators. Identify situations and the multiple moments of truth that are created. Create situations that delight and astound.

Designing Conventions

Requested by the District Presidents' Council, this session explores what our future conventions may include now that Everyone in Harmony is born. Beyond that initiative we will mention other program nuggets that have been successful in district conventions around the Society.

Designing a Leadership Academy

This session is designed to first inform you of all of the components needed to hold a successful leadership academy. Secondly, proper organizational timelines beginning with the end in mind will be discussed. Choosing to incorporate a BHS facilitator into your school and those parameters will also be discussed. Lastly, identifying the correct person to organize this project will be discussed.

Organizational Timeline – taking it to your Chapter, District

Coupled with basic strategic planning and team decision making, this offering allows the attendees to map out individual realistic timelines for successful management of all district or chapter events.

Conflict Resolution Part 1: Prevention

Unresolved conflict can cause the breakdown of both organizations and relationships. Where is the line between simple differences of opinion and unhealthy conflict? Understand the strategies you can take and the 3 steps of dialogue to resolve the difference.

Conflict Resolution Part 2: Resolution

Learn the five conflict management styles and the right style to use in different conflict situations. Make the choice to resolve the conflict. Learn the steps of conflict resolution. Engage in a conflict resolution conversation.

Success with Succession Planning

A leader’s responsibility is to ensure there are capable people to take their place. Who takes your place to support the long-term goals of your organization? Identify the "shopping list" of competencies and strengths you'll need in the future. Evaluate candidates using 10 factors to determine their qualification level. Start building a next- candidate list.

Team Decision-Making

Volunteer groups need to make decisions to move forward. Learn the barriers to group decision-making and five ways groups typically make decisions. Learn consensus decision-making, and practice using a group-decision-making model.

Chapter Assessment

One of the most successful tools in our Society's "Healthy Chapter" toolbox is the chapter assessment program. This total immersion in all aspects of a chapter's life, both internal and external elements, is presented for you to examine. Districts may also benefit from such an introspection. You will learn different techniques to utilize the assessment, including your choice to have the program facilitator-driven.

Taking Strategic Planning to your Committee, Chapter, District

What are the components of even the simplest of strategic plans that need attention in order for success to occur? How does a leader gain buy-in from all of the people involved in the plan or initiative? How do we get others to share the same passion and excitement and vision for what can be achieved? What are the observant speed bumps that slow down the progress of any plan? All of this will be explained in this session, also requested by the District Presidents' Council.

Coaching Others for Knowledge and Skills

Learn and practice five steps of coaching to transfer knowledge and skills to new team members. These steps can be used by anyone, including directors! Practice your coaching skills, and develop a coaching plan for team members that focuses on performance and behavior change.

Leading an Effective Team

Every team is different. In this course, learn how to apply leadership skills more effectively across team experiences. Understand the difference between traditional vs. high-performance teams, and plan how your team can become the latter. Understand the coordination and specialization of team types, the stages of team growth, and what makes for the best (and worst) team experiences.

2018 Testimonials

"Fantastic first experience!!"

"I am again recharged and willing to help however I can."

"Well planned and very well executed. Although it was aimed at the District leadership level the value to Chapter leaders was crystal clear."

Above: Bill Hickman (Northwest Sound Chapter, Evergreen District) explains why he attended the 2018 Leadership Summit and discusses a renewed vision for his chapter and community.

"The summit was just outstanding...Working with our LOPT talented team and presenting Leadership topics to avid listeners was a valued confirmation of the Healthy Chapter Initiatives, and to the dedication of the chapter leaders. Conversations were non-stop with attendees, presenters and staff, and ideas flowed freely.

Added to that, the chorus experience alone, with leadership coaching during rehearsals by Donny Rose as well as stellar directing by both Donny and Steve Scott, was worth the weekend in new learning techniques for choruses.

I'd recommend anyone thinking about joining district or chapter leadership, or are current leaders, should attend to get fresh, broad new ideas of what can be accomplished with the energy of BHS leaders behind them!"