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BHS directors, HFI trustees to be elected in August

BHS directors, HFI trustees to be elected in August

Elections to follow organizations’ bylaws

Election of officers and directors of the Barbershop Harmony Society and of trustees for Harmony Foundation International is scheduled for August 15, 2021 during the Society Board’s annual meeting.

BHS Board President John Donehower today sent a letter to HFI Chair Kendall Williams prompting formation of a nominating committee to submit candidate names by August 5, 2021. This process is set by the Foundation’s bylaws and was confirmed in a 17-page opinion issued last week by U.S. District Court Judge William M. Conley.

The Society Board is electing its 2022 president, executive vice president, treasurer and two directors at large. Candidates for the positions are posted on the Society website.

The BHS Board is slated also to elect six trustees to the Foundation Board — three to take office immediately and three to start in January. According to Foundation bylaws, Society Board members may nominate additional candidates during their meeting beyond those sent by the HFI nominating committee.

“Judge Conley provided important guidance on the election process and upheld the Foundation’s 2009 bylaws,” Donehower said. “It will be good to finally move forward, as Barbershoppers across the country are eager to do.”

Conley presided over a lawsuit seeking to affirm the more than 60-year relationship between BHS and HFI. He dismissed the suit last week over procedural matters and weighed in on issues such as the election of HFI trustees. At one point, he noted that legitimate members of the HFI board will “dwindle to zero” if proper elections are not held, Donehower said.

“We look forward to receiving the slate of candidates and sincerely hope Foundation leaders take the steps needed to keep all of us from ending up in state court as Judge Conley noted. This decision rests with HFI and will be decided by the actions of current trustees,” Donehower said.

Donehower’s letter to HFI Chair Williams also requests the Foundation immediately:

  • Restore Society CEO Marty Monson as an ex-officio member of the Foundation Board;
  • Restore John Donehower as Society liaison to the Foundation Board;
  • Provide a financial accounting to the Society, as is required every six months but has not happened in more than a year;
  • Engage with the Society to complete the annual joint audit for 2020.