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2023 International Chorus Contest Order of Appearance

Ambassadors of Harmony Win Championship

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2023 International Chorus Contest Order of Appearance

Friday, July 7, 9:45 am ET

Mic Tester:
The Timberliners (RMD)
Denver Mile High, CO
Directed by Tyler Wigginton

1. Heart of Carolina A Cappella (NSC)
Central Carolina, NC
Directed by Dr. William Adams | Facebook

2. Stockholm City Voices (SNOBS)
Stockholm, Sweden
Directed by Tindra Thor | Facebook

3. Southern Gateway Chorus (JAD)
Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH
Directed by Jeff Legters | Facebook

4. Saltaires (RMD)
Wasatch Front, UT
Directed by Adam Haggart

5. Voices of Gotham (MAD)
Hell's Kitchen, NY
Directed by Keith Harris | Facebook

6. SmorgasChorus (CSD)
South Central Kansas, KS
Directed by Matthew Webber | Facebook

7. Vocal Summit (EVG)
Portland, OR
Directed by Justin P. Miller | Facebook

8. Central Standard (CSD)
Metro Kansas City, MO
Directed by Rob Mance | Facebook

9. Great Lakes Chorus (PIO)
Grand Rapids, MI
Directed by James Carey | Facebook

10. The Men of Independence (JAD)
Independence, OH
Directed by Gary Lewis | Facebook

11. Parkside Harmony (MAD)
Hershey, PA
Directed by Sean Devine and Vincent Sandroni | Facebook

12. Heavy Medal Chorus (BinG!)
Directed by Norbert Hammes and Matthias Neuburger | Facebook

13. East Coast Sound (MAD)
Caldwell, NJ
Directed by Will Downey | Facebook

14. The Recruits (CSD)
St. Charles, MO
Directed by Eric Dalbey

15. Midwest Vocal Express (LOL)
Greendale, WI
Directed by Bryan Ziegler | Facebook

16. Sound of the Rockies (RMD)
Denver Mile High, CO
Directed by Tyler Wigginton | Facebook

17. New Tradition (ILL)
Northbrook, IL
Directed by Mitch Greenberg

18. Singing Buckeyes (JAD)
Buckeye Columbus, OH
Directed by David Calland | Facebook

19. Heralds of Harmony (SUN)
Tampa, FL
Directed by Tony De Rosa and Clay Hine | Facebook

20. Circle City Sound (CAR)
Greater Indianapolis, IN
Directed by Theo Hicks | Facebook

Saturday, July 8, 9:45 am ET

Mic Tester: Varsity Honors Chorus

21. PDX Voices (EVG)
Portland, OR
Directed by Rob Roman | Facebook

22. Fog City Harmonia (FWD)
Barbary Coast, CA
Directed by Alisa Peters | Facebook

23. The Pine Barons (MAD)
Cherry Hill, NJ
Directed by Richard Gray, Jr. | Facebook

24. Parkside Melody (MAD)
Hershey, PA
Directed by Melody Hine and Madeleine Larrimore | Facebook

25. City Lights Chorus (PIO)
The Motor City Metro, MI
Directed by Aaron Pollard and Brandon Smith | Facebook

26. Harbourtown Sound (ONT)
Hamilton, ON
Directed by Jordan Travis |

27. Meantime Chorus (BABS)
Central London, UK
Directed by Simon Arnott | Facebook

28. Pacific Connection (BHNZ)
Wellington, NZ

Directed by Chad Va and Henrietta Hunkin-Tagaloa

29. Ambassadors of Harmony (CSD)
St. Charles, MO
Directed by Jim Henry and Jonny Moroni | Facebook

30. Vocal Revolution (NED)
Greater Boston, MA
Directed by Cay Outerbridge | Facebook

31. Sound of Tennessee (DIX)
Cleveland, TN
Directed by Chad Guyton and Brandon Guyton | Facebook

32. Northern Stars (SNOBS)
Stockholm, Sweden
Directed by Rasmus Krigström

33. Sound by Southwest (SWD)
San Antonio, TX
Directed by Manny Lopez

34. Forward Harmony (LOL)
Greendale, WI
Directed by Bryan Ziegler | Facebook

Swan Set: Music City Chorus (DIX)
Nashville, TN
Directed by Dusty Schleier | Facebook