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2023 International Quartet and Chorus Festival

2023 International Quartet and Chorus Festival • Thursday, July 6 • 11:00 am ET

A unique opportunity for performers to enjoy a big stage and enthusiastic audience for fun and non-competitive evaluation.

Order of appearance

Kim Newcomb, Michaela Johnston, Melody Hine, Candra Rice
New York, New York

2. Bridgetones
Alisa Peters, Kelly Sophar, Dominic Pedotto, Kenji Matsuoka
San Francisco, California

3. Vine Street
Brett Bellman, Alex Stenger, Andrew Wittenberg, Richard Gonzales
Cincinnati, Ohio

4. The Kentuckians Chorus
Directed by Kris Olson
Lexington, Kentucky

5. Four Chordsmen
Josh Stoddard, James Medlin, Michael Barlock, Jason Kekas
Durham, North Carolina

6. Smoke Ring
Rebecca Eckes, Stephanie Taglianetti, Alexander Ronneburg, Gabriel Spector
New York, New York

7. The Timberliners
Directed by Tyler Wigginton
Broomfield, Colorado

8. B-side
Brett Watanabe, Nicholas Roberto, Chris Granger, Braden Lynk
New York, New York

9. Fog Quartet
Stephen Leander, Neal Rogers, Dominic Pedotto, Ben Porter
San Francisco, California

10. Mixed Signals
Emily Moriarty, Lindsay Ondracek, Luke Stevenson, Andrew Bird

11. The Knee’s Bee (3am Edition)
Allyson Lotz, Allison Phillips, Will Lynch, Nicholas Bratcher
Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, California; Wellington, New Zealand; Christchurch, New Zealand

12. Mugshot
Maria Burri, Katie Roman, Robert Roman, Scott Fewell
Portland, Oregon

13. High Gravity
Josh Moore, Mike Beck, Danny Becker, Steve Moore
Nashville, Tennessee

14. The Bored Friends
Directed by Larry Bomback
North America

15. Clever Girl
Neyla Pekarek, Ashley Tabares, Holly Janda, Taylor Daniels
Texas, Colorado, and Tennessee

16. R&D
Dominick Finetti, Ryan McCall,
Daniel Rohovit, Ryan Smith
Mushroom Kingdom

Matthew Bidigare, Aiden LaPointe, Luke LaPointe, Kent Kirby
Lansing, Michigan

18. The Alliance
Directed by Jay Dougherty
Columbus, Ohio

19. Adrenaline
Maggie McAlexander, Amanda Pitts, Jadyn Johnson, Kesney Faubion
Denver, Colorado; Providence, Rhode Island;
Washington, DC

20. Q’D UP
Eddie Holt, Jacob Strong, Shane Ownby, Adam Wheeley
Nashville, Tennessee

21. Heart of Carolina A Cappella
Directed by Dr. William Adams
Durham, North Carolina

How does the Festival Work?

  • Each group (chorus, ensemble, quartet) will perform two songs in front of an enthusiastic audience. At least one of the songs performed during the Festival must be a contestable barbershop arrangement
  • Each performing group will get a score and rating (Superior, Outstanding, Excellent, Good) if desired
  • Each performing group will receive world-class coaching and evaluation from a BHS-certified judge if desired
  • HINT: Check out the 2022 Quartet and Chorus Festival Playlist below, under the entry buttons

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