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Volunteer at the Louisville Convention

Volunteer at the Louisville Convention

Volunteers are the heart of running our major event. Sign up to help out, and get a free shirt!

When the contest emcee says, "May we have the doors closed, please..." he's talking to volunteers like you. Volunteer duties range from scanning badges to giving directions to guiding performers backstage.

Become one of the folks helping make barbershop's biggest reunion a big success! Shifts as short as two hours make all the difference.

Don Green — Convention Volunteer Coordinator— invites you to join Team Louisville2023. "It will take more than a village— we need everyone to help make this happen. There are plenty of ways to be on the Team. Step one:visit the Volunteer Local site. You can search volunteer opportunities by date or job description. Pick your job, shift (or shifts) and start getting excited about the world gathering in Louisville!"