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Harmony University at Midwinter

Supercharge Midwinter with BarberCon!


Harmony University presents a new experience for acquiring barbershop super-powers: BarberCon! It’s like ComiCon without the Spandex, but with the straw hats: booths, kiosks, and spaces where you can get bitten by the radioactive spider* of harmony.

Pick your superpowers

  • Learn a tag
  • Get a vocal alignment check
  • Test drive cool barbershop apps
  • Sing with a champ
  • Listen to great quartets face to face
  • Shoot lasers from your larynx** (subject to Tim Waurick availability)
  • … PLUS mysterious powers to be revealed!

Pick your super-team

  • Quartets: The Ladies, Take 4, One Foot In the Stave, First Take
  • Mad professors: the Enigmatic Steve Scott, Steve Tramack, Steve Austin, Steve A. Dore
  • Ultra-Villians: the mustachio-twirling Brent Suver
  • And a veritable LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES
  • SPOILER ALERT: Prepare yourself for the strangest hero of them all!

And it's ONLY at the Midwinter Convention!

Name badges are required to enter each event

* Note: Not actual radiation; not an actual spider; not an actual bite.

** Not actual lasers; not actually from your larynx.