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FAQs: Midwinter 2023

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Early Bird pricing?

Early Bird pricing is $50/registration less than the seat/registration. This Early Bird pricing is for a limited time so check out the pricing schedule so you don’t miss the savings.

Is my registration refundable?

Registrations are not refundable but are transferable.

Seats & Donor Recognition

Are the seats open or reserved?

All seats will be reserved.

What are the seating options?

There are three seating options:

  • VIP Premium (closest to the stage)
  • Premium
  • Regular

*The above picture is NOT an exact replica of the venue, but a guide.

Can I reserve a VIP Premium seat?

BHS Donors at the Silver Level and above are eligible for VIP Premium seats. Click here to learn more about our Donor Recognition Levels.

Can I reserve a Premium seat?

Yes- anyone can reserve a premium seat.

If I am a VIP Premium attendee, can I purchase more registrations/seats than my allotted level benefit?

Yes. However, you will need to purchase those additional seats in the Premium section (behind the VIP Premium section) using the regular registration link.

How many seats can I purchase in the Premium VIP area?

If you are a Silver level donor, you can purchase up to two Premium VIP seats. If you are a Gold, Diamond or Tulsa Club level, you can purchase up to four Premium VIP seats, this is a change from two seats last summer.

There is no max for regular seating.

How will the seats be assigned?

VIP Premium Seating will be assigned by the Barbershop Harmony Society approximately 30 days prior to the convention. Donation level, VIP status and date/time of purchase will prioritize your seating location.

For regular seating, attendees will select their seats during the registration process.

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