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Midwinter Attendee Checklist

We're excited to see you in Dayton Beach, Florida!

Plan NOW to get ready for the convention:

Daytona Beach Sunset

Plan your visit! Check out the awesome things Daytona Beach has to offer!

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Need a new pitch pipe?

We cannot recommend the amazing Tombo pitch pipe enough! Solid construction, long-lasting, and only $28 with member discount. Buy one today.

Need some tags?

Tag singing is an integral part of any successful convention, so be prepared to sing, learn, and even teach new tags. Tags are always fun to learn by ear in person taught by experienced tag teachers, but if you'd like to come prepared with some of your own, feel free to search your favorite mobile app store for "barbershop tags" and download any number of incredible barbershop tag apps that make learning fun and easy. Also, you're always welcome to visit our page full of free tags and other free barbershop music.