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International Chorus Festival

International Chorus Festival

Thursday, July 4, 2024 • Cleveland, Ohio

Official Order of Appearance

# Chorus Director
Mic Test The Singing Angels Jim Koenig
1 Voices of Independence Gary Lewis
2 Heart of Carolina Concordia Michael Adams
3 Forward Harmony Bryan Ziegler
4 Seneca Statesmen David Lewis
5 Undercover Mix Dave Campbell
6 Metro Voices Samantha Tramack
7 The Alliance Brian O'Dell
8 Heart of Carolina Melodiam Haley Patrick

About the Festival

The International Chorus Festival is a unique opportunity for performing groups to enjoy a big stage and enthusiastic audience for fun and non-competitive evaluation.

Each group will perform two songs in front of an enthusiastic audience.

  • Each performance must include at least one contestable barbershop song.

  • Each performing group will receive a score and rating (Superior, Outstanding, Excellent, Good).

Each performer will receive a Contestant Scoring Analysis (CSA).

  • Performers may opt out of sharing their ratings on the Official Score Sheet.

  • Each performing group will receive a world-class coaching and evaluation session from a BHS-certified judge
  • Performers may opt out of coaching and evaluation if desired

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