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2022 Harmony University Faculty

2022 Faculty at Harmony University

The top talents from around the world converge at Harmony University, to help students grow and thrive in every aspect of barbershop life. Choose to take classes from Harmony College faculty, or bring your chorus or quartet, and learn from the Performance Arts College faculty! This year's faculty welcomes 19 instructors teaching for the first time on campus at HU, and 17 instructors from outside the U.S.—a truly global talent pool!

Harmony University Deans

2022 HU faculty Deans 1

Chorus Directors

SSAA Chorus Director

Glenda Lloyd

TTBB Chorus Director

Theo Hicks

Next Gen Chorus

Melody Hine

Harmony College Faculty


Ron Black

Larry Bomback

Joe Cerutti

Jay Dougherty

Theo Hicks

Glenda Lloyd

Rob Mance

Ravi Raghuram
Timothy Workman

Kirk Young


Steven Armstrong

Anthony Bartholomew

Jake Bartlett

Adam Bock

Mo Field

Tom Gentry

Rafi Hasib

Clay Hine

Glenda Lloyd

Gus Sterneman

David Wright


Andrew Carolan

Anthony Colosimo

Charlotte Murray

Sandi Wright


Greg Caetano

Maria Christian

Elizabeth Davies

Manny Lopez

Terry Reynolds

Steve Wyszomierski

Music Educator

Anthony Bartholomew

Jay Butterfield

Theo Hicks

Daniel Rohovit

Tessa Walker

Next Generation Chorus (For ages 18-30)

Melody Hine

Section Leaders

Ali Hauger
Kohl Kitzmiller
Kim Newcomb
Jake Tickner

Voice & Performance

Jono Bligh

Chad Bennett

Lucas Bitzer

Blair Brown

Paul Ellinger

Philip Grant

Ben Harding

Joseph Hunter

Donya Metzger

Allen Otto

Amy Patterson

Manoj Padki

Lee Powell

Ben Shively

Gene Spilker

Larry Triplett

Performing Arts College

Chorus and Quartet Coaches

Patrick Brown

Alan Hughes

Kevin Keller

Will Lagos

Marty Lovick

Alex Morris

Brian O’Dell

Nathan Ogg

Stuart Sides

Renee Tramack

Tim Waurick