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2023 Harmony University Scholarships

Broaden your horizons at Harmony University

Scholarships for Harmony University 2023 are NOW OPEN!

All scholarships include:

  • Food
  • Housing: double occupancy*
  • Access to educational materials
  • Access to our Friday and Saturday night shows
  • Shuttle to and from airport
  • Everything you need for your week at HU

*You may buy out the other bed to have a singe occupancy.

Please note: travel to New Orleans is not included.


Please note that scholarship availability is subject to change.

Peggy Leon Women In Barbershop Scholarship - The Peggy Leon Scholarship is for women from any barbershop organization who is in a music leadership role (directors, assistant directors, chorus leaders, etc.).

    Rich Knight “LEAD the Way” Scholarship - This scholarship is for a BHS-registered quartet LEAD singer who wishes to improve their skills. Preference will be given to a lead attending with his or her quartet, but this is not a requirement.

      See Previous Scholarship Opportunities

      AISQC Youth Chorus Directors Scholarship - Sponsored by the Association of International Senior Quartet Champions (AISQC) this scholarship is offered to a young, talented director, especially directors of younger singers and those who are public school music educators!

        Earl Moon Scholarship - The Earl Moon Scholarship is for BHS members who are first time HU attendees and strong contributors to the local chapter experience.

          Front Line Director Scholarships - A full scholarship for front line Barbershop Harmony Society (U.S. and Canadian Chapter) directors, especially first time attendees.

            Jim Miller Scholarship - This scholarship is provided for educational advancement in directing barbershop music of a BHS chorus.

                Larry Ajer Scholarship - This scholarship is for a Barbershop Harmony Society registered Quartet that has been together for at least two years, that is on the "cusp" of making it to a BHS international competition, scoring in the 70's.

                  Lou Perry Scholarship - Arrangers receive a scholarship by creating the best original barbershop arrangement at Harmony University. Applications from talented people of any age who may not yet be accomplished arrangers but who show good musical skills and future potential are encouraged to apply.

                    Music Educator Scholarships - A Full scholarship for music educators currently in working in public or private vocal music education, with priority to first time attendees.

                      Next Generation Mixed Chorus Scholarship - A half scholarship based on financial need for singers between the ages of 18 and 25 to participate in the Next Generation Mixed Chorus.

                        Robert & Judy Brown Scholarship - This scholarship is based on financial need for a person who would be unlikely to ever afford attending Harmony University. The Bob and Judy Brown Scholarship was formed to honor the Barbershop singing careers of Bill Park, Dick Crockett, “Bo” Allen, Lloyd Erickson, Conrad “Connie” Keil, and Ken Pacetti.

                          Past scholarship recipients discuss their experiences

                          “I felt like there was a very good connection between teachers and students, since they were not really different people. They were barbershoppers. Just like us. What you've made here is amazing, and I thank you for giving me the scholarship to come!”

                          “Next Gen was such a wonderful breath of fresh air to help realign my life together. I see the world in a new perspective, and it's so exciting! Thank you, HU!”

                          “I will forever be a champion for ALL music educators to come to HU and experience what I consider one of the best experiences of my entire life. You made a person, who knew virtually nothing about Barbershop, feel welcomed, encouraged, SAFE and understood. You made us teachers feel valued in a way that we don't always feel in our normal settings. You gave us the freedom to choose our paths at HU and also not feel guilty about sleeping in a little bit if we were just a little overwhelmed from taking it all in. I've come back to school refreshed, energized and incredibly excited to share everything I've learned with my students. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and for everything you are doing for Music Educators!”

                          The Music Educator and Director Scholarships are provided in part by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) which has awarded a grant to the Barbershop Harmony Society, enabling the Barbershop Harmony Society to award these scholarships.