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Become the director they deserve at Directors College

Become the director they deserve at Directors College

This summer, step onto a path of education that will spark new passion, abilities, and satisfaction as a barbershop chorus director.

Get practical instruction in the core skills that inspire singers to sing with artistry, skill, and emotion—and make your chorus a place for growth and joy in performance. You’ll develop your hand skills, your vocal skills and your human skills—and go home with tools to teach with compassion, confidence, and variety.

Jump start a new director

Whether you’re brand new to directing or coming to your first Directors College, you’ll receive expert assessment by world-class choral musicians who can help steer you into coursework, electives, and ongoing training to launch your career in front of a barbershop chorus.

You’ll return to your chorus with your own set of growth goals, and the confidence to put new skills into practice.

If you’ve been here before, you’re due to return.

For three decades, Directors College has continually evolved with the latest teaching approaches, insights into student needs, and emphasis on repeatable results. You’ll extend your directing education with today’s methodologies that continue to uplift singers everywhere.

Director - Dr. Ray Danley

Great performance starts with great singing

How does a chorus move from adequate to fair, or from good to excellent? The same way: they sing better. And surprise, good singing technique applies for every group.

The singing model taught at Directors College (and throughout Harmony University) builds on evidence-based best practice of the vocal anatomy and physiology. You’ll learn how to sing better, freely, without strain—and how to transfer that knowledge to other singers, with effective teaching techniques.

Fantastic faculty guide you from theory to practice

Our promise: what you learn, you will be able to teach. Faculty development at Harmony University/ Directors College has made our already superb faculty even better at helping students re-share their own learning with their choruses back home. In their own instruction, they model good teaching styles and give you plenty of hands-on time, so you will become a better teacher by experiencing better teachers.

Live the best week of barbershop!


As a student at Directors College, you’ll have access to the entire catalog of great classes, seminars, shows, and off hours social life. Have lunch with legends, sing tags with new friends from around the world, and grab some ice cream every night. (It’s a tradition!)

Save out some time to explore the incomparable music, food, and culture of New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz—and of barbershop!

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