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2023 Harmony University Private Lessons

Private, One-on-one lessons

Harmony University provides the opportunity to engage in in-depth study with amazing instructors in the following areas:

  • Arranging
  • Conducting
  • Music Theory
  • Performance
  • Score Study/Analysis
  • Voice

If you would like to take a private lesson, please add it to your HU ticket.

View previous private instruction faculty

  • Steve Armstrong, arranging
  • Jake Barltett, musicianship
  • Tim Beutel, conducting, singing
  • Joe Cerutti, conducting
  • Jay Dougherty, conducting
  • Anthony Colosimo, conducting, singing
  • Peter Cunningham, singing
  • Katy Dane, performance
  • Tom Gentry, arranging
  • Chase Guyton, singing
  • Rob Hopkins, arranging
  • Shannon Jeffreys, conducting
  • Jay Krumbholz, musicianship
  • Rich Lapp, singing
  • Patty Leveille, singing
  • Charlotte Murray, performance
  • Larry Triplett, arranging
  • Kenny Wiser, conducting, musicianship
  • Timothy Workman, conducting