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2023 Harmony University Singing Experience


Join a world-class singing experience to broaden your skills and enrich your Harmony University experience!

We offer four distinct experiences for both HU participants and those who live in the area:

  • HU TTBB Chorus
  • HU SSAA Chorus
  • Next Generation All-Voices Chorus
  • Harmony Camp Chorus
  • Extreme Quartetting Harmony Brigade


We welcome all TTBB and SSAA singers of any age interested in having a great time singing while learning about rehearsal techniques, ensemble singing, and performance.

The HU TTBB and SSAA Choruses have no audition requirements. Rehearsals are Monday–Friday, 10:30–12:30 pm and will sing on the Saturday night show!

A $10 music fee will be assessed to participate in one of these choruses. Click here to be a part of one of these choruses.


The Next Generation All Voices Chorus is for young singers who want to learn more about barbershop. This chorus experience is a mix of fun, incredible learning with singers of the same generation. Next Gen participation is open to youth 18–30 years old with an outstanding director and the best of the best section leaders! Singers will rehearse three charts and have curated educational contest from various HU Faculty designed especially for younger singers. The experience will culminate in a performance on the Saturday evening show. A $10 music fee will be assessed to participate in this chorus. Click here to join the chorus!

*New to HU: Harmony Camp Chorus*

The Harmony Camp Chorus is for middle and high school-aged singers who want to learn more about barbershop. This incredible performance experience features discovering, rehearsing, and collaborating with other young singers who will learn from some of the best and brightest in barbershop. Harmony Camp participation is open to youth ages 11–17 years old in the New Orleans-area (commuters only). Campers will start their day at 9:30 and end at 3:30. They will receive sheet music and learning media, a t-shirt, a water bottle and bag, lunch while on Loyola campus, and world class instruction. The experience will culminate in a performance on the Saturday evening show. Sign up for the Harmony Camp now!


eXtreme Quartetting Harmony Brigade at HU is for experienced barbershop quartet singers. Participants are expected to arrive solidly prepared on eight outstanding medalist-level arrangements. This is a fun experience for those seeking a challenge and opportunities to sing in high-level quartets.

Admittance is by application. The arrangements used are TTBB, but all voice types are encouraged to apply. Enrollment is limited to 15 on each voice part. A $40 fee will cover the licensing cost of the music package admin fees.

Apply now for the 2023 HU Brigade!

Additional Singing Opportunities: Tag Zones, Polecat Corners, and Woodshedder's Way

  • Come sing tags with Tagmaster Manoj in a welcoming, fun environment.
  • Come sing songs with Songleader Stuart in a relaxed, fun environment.
  • Come learn to practice the art of the woodshed with the Harmonymaker herself, Sandi, in an engaging, fun environment.

These three singing opportunities will occur nightly and are come-and-go as you please.